Exclusive: Former Emmerdale star Paige Sandhu responds to Meena's callbacks

Exclusive: Former Emmerdale star Paige Sandhu responds to Meena’s callbacks

Form Emmerdale Star Paige Sandhu has responded to calls for Meena Jutla to make a comeback for the show’s 50th anniversary.

The actress said goodbye as Meena in April, but many viewers had wondered if she might make a surprise reappearance for the ITV soap’s big birthday.

Only speak to Digital Spy On the red carpet at the 2022 Inside Soap Awards, where she won the Best Villain award, Paige admitted she was flattered to still be mentioned by fans.

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Responding to the 50th anniversary speculation, Paige replied: “I’ve been asked about it a lot and it’s so beautiful! I’m surprised people remember me to be honest because it’s been ages since I’ve been around.

“It means a lot to me that Meena has influenced people so much.”

When asked if a return to the Storm episodes was ever planned, Paige replied, “No, it’s not a possibility and there won’t be a possibility. I loved playing her and I loved working on her Emmerdalebut I feel like the story is over.

“I mean, we’ve done everything, haven’t we? We have chosen it! I feel coming back would exaggerate the story.”


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Paige shared that she’s still in regular contact with Rebecca Sarker and Fiona Wade, who play Manpreet Sharma and Priya Kotecha.

She said: “I speak to Rebecca and Fiona every week. I saw her at another awards show recently and it was such a nice exchange.”

On future plans, Paige added, “I auditioned and had a few offers. It’s difficult though because I think I played the best character ever. So now I’m going all out against Meena!

“I’m waiting to find a character that I love as much as her, if not more. We will see.

Meena Jutla, Emmerdale


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“I will always say yes to playing villains. Villains are so much fun. You can be more playful with them. That’s not always true, but there’s scope for more fun.

“I would also like to play a good person and have full scope.”

earlier this year, EmmerdaleExecutive producer Jane Hudson told fans not to expect a comeback from Meena any time soon.

Hudson tells Digital Spy in August: “I think when you’ve written a story as successful as Meena the serial killer, you need to know when to end that story. The timing was absolutely right and Meena is now behind bars.”

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV and streams on the ITV Hub.

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