The Simpsons star proves true love will find a way

The Simpsons star proves true love will find a way

The simpsons Star Yeardley Smith has married her fiancé Dan Grice – eight years after the first couple met when Smith was in Springfield, Oregon for a promotional visit, and Grice was the local police detective assigned to protect her.

Smith and Grice, who married at their Los Angeles home last month, share the story of their odds? Romance in a new interview with US entertainment magazine the Hollywood reporters.

Smith said that Hollywood reporters that in 2014 the city of Springfield, Oregon decided to honor its famous TV namesake with a mural celebrating the show’s 25th anniversary, as The simpsons Creator Matt Groening hails from Portland, Oregon.

Lisa Simpson’s voice was asked to go to the reveal following the schedule for the original guest. The simpsons Showrunner Al Jean failed.

Smith initially said no.

“The joke is that I would really do anything for my show, but I really didn’t want to do it,” she said. “They came back and said, ‘Oh, please? Someone has to go’.”

After “eventually” agreeing to go, Smith was met by Grice at the airport. He had agreed to take the weekend job as he wanted his married colleagues to enjoy their time with their families.

“The captain said it was Yeardley Smith,” said Grice Hollywood reporters. “Her name rang, but it wasn’t until later that morning that I got a printout of her photo.

“I saw it and I knew exactly who she was because I remember her The Legend of Billie Jean and Maximum overdrive. I didn’t know she happened to be the voice of Lisa Simpson.”

“He was respectful without being flattering,” Smith said of their first encounter. “He wasn’t particularly impressed with me and I really admired his confidence.

“It was about a 23 minute drive from the airport to the hotel and during that time I found out if he was married or divorced, had kids or a girlfriend. The answer was no, no, no, no.”

When Smith had to return to Los Angeles, she had given Grice her phone number – on the pretext that he had sent her a photo of himself last visit to singapore.

“I’m pretty smooth,” Smith said.

“When I landed he texted me this picture. Dan is actually a really good photographer. I thanked him for waiting at the gate and told him I found him really interesting. He wrote back, ‘I think you’re really interesting too’. At that point I thought we were done because how are we supposed to start a relationship when we’re 850 miles apart.”

However, fate had other plans.

“A week later I’m in Los Angeles and Dan texted me to say, ‘I really wish you’d invited me to dinner,’ which was so sweet. We kept texting and then we started talking on the phone. Because I’m a jump and then look person, I said, ‘Hey, why don’t you come to Los Angeles?’ to the [The Simpsons] Dates at the Hollywood Bowl.”

Grice did. A long-distance relationship began, in 2016 he moved to Los Angeles and in August 2018 the couple got engaged.

“She has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever known,” Grice said.

“I remember on that first drive from the airport to her hotel, when she was questioning me, I looked over at her in the passenger seat and she gave me that smile. I mentioned that in our vows, but in that moment her eyes really caught my eye and I really look back on that moment as she kind of possessed me.”

“I often say that I’m kind of in awe and amazed and I get a giggle feeling when I think about it because Dan didn’t want to go to this event and I didn’t want to go to this event but something bigger. We were like, ‘No, no, listen, you two will meet and it will work out. You just have to have faith,’” Smith concluded.

“We’ve seen it in movies and you’re always like, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if life was like this?’ Sometimes it is.”

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