EastEnders confirm baby story for Whitney Dean

EastEnders confirm baby story for Whitney Dean

EastEnders spoilers to follow.

EastEnders has confirmed a baby story for Whitney Dean following her recent fling with Zack.

Whitney will find out she’s pregnant just before her 30th birthday and is immediately faced with a dilemma over whether to share the news with Zack, the father.

Before that, Whitney’s roommates Finlay and Felix are determined to throw her a party to remember for her 30th birthday and convince Sam to get them a good deal at Peggy’s.

Little do they know, however, that Whitney has other things on her mind and she soon meets Stacey at the pharmacy.

It turns out they’re both there for the same thing – a pregnancy test. With only one pregnancy test pack of two left, they decide to buy it and do the tests together.

At #31, Whitney and Stacey take the tests but are interrupted before they can share the results with each other.


Later, Felix and Finlay excitedly share their party news, but when she and Chelsea are alone, Whitney reveals she’s pregnant with Zack’s baby.

As an excited Zack starts his new job, Whitney tries to work up the courage to tell him she’s pregnant.

She asks for a word from Zack when she sees him at the market, but he is too distracted by a random affair and starts flirting.

Chelsea Fox, Felix Baker, Finlay Baker, Eastenders


Hurt by Zack’s actions, Whitney goes home and tells Chelsea he’s too much of a player to be the father of her baby, but Chelsea urges her to give him a chance.

Meanwhile, Stacey is amused that Jean thinks she’s pregnant and has to admit that the test came from Whitney.

Despite being sworn to secrecy by Stacey, Jean escapes a mistake when she later encounters Zack and mistakenly believes he knows.

Zack Hudson, Eastender


Fueled by fear and childhood trauma, Zack’s world comes crashing down when he learns of Whitney’s pregnancy.

As Whitney celebrates her birthday, she decides to tell Finlay and Felix about the baby.

They promise to help her raise the child no matter what, and Whitney realizes she must find the courage to talk to Zack. But how will their conversation go?

Whitney Dean, Zack Hudson, Eastenders


Speaking of Whitney’s reaction to the pregnancy, Shona McGarty – who plays her – said: “Her first reaction is that she’s really scared and worried.

“She’s worried because she’s not in a relationship with Zack — they just casually slept together. I guess she’s just uncomfortable and she’s uncertain about the future and she has to decide if she can make it on her own.

“But it’s also something Whitney wanted her whole life, even up to the day she was raising Bianca’s kids and working in a daycare. Whitney loves kids and she’s always had that maternal streak.”

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show is currently releasing early release episodes on BBC iPlayer.

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