EastEnders first look as Sonia confronts Janine over baby lie

EastEnders first look as Sonia confronts Janine over baby lie

EastEnders spoilers to follow.

EastEnders has got a first look at Sonia Fowler confronting Janine Butcher over her shocking baby lie.

In scenes set to air next Monday (November 28), things will get tense for the pair when Sonia faces off against Janine – and first looks suggest things are about to reach a breaking point.

It comes amid Janine’s insecurities about Mick’s connection to Linda, as Queen Vic’s landlord is unable to calm her fears about the former couple.


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Upset again that he was dating Linda, Janine reveals some disturbing news to Mick, although Sonia gets wind of it and confronts Janine in the new scenes, knowing she is lying.

Janine manages to prevent her from going to Mick with the truth, although Shirley becomes suspicious, and in a bind Janine tells Sonia that she will eventually reveal the truth to Mick – completely unaware that he is overhearing.

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He confronts her about what she is hiding from him, leaving Janine in a panic, although Shirley poses a greater threat as she sees through her lies and calls her out.

A worried Sonia makes a mysterious phone call, and while Janine becomes increasingly paranoid and spies on Mick and Linda, Sonia reassures her that it’s all in her head. However, things get worse for Janine when she and Mick start dating and she sees Linda there.

Sonia continues to reassure her that Mick and Linda are over, although Janine later suffers a devastating blow trying to solidify herself in Mick’s life.

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show is also streamed on BBC iPlayer.

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