'Everything could break' as Twitter faces biggest weekend with fewer engineers

‘Everything could break’ as Twitter faces biggest weekend with fewer engineers

After Elon Musk’s job ultimatum, there are so few software engineers left at Twitter that industry insiders and programmers now fear the social media giant could collapse.

The billionaire ended a very public dispute with nearly two dozen programmers critical to the stability of the microblogging platform by ordering their sacking this week.

Hundreds of engineers and other workers then quit after he demanded they commit to “extremely hard” work or quit with severance pay by Thursday night local time.

The latest departures meant the platform lost staff as it prepared for the 2022 FIFA World Cup over the weekend.

It’s been one of Twitter’s busiest events in the past, with tweet attacks taking a heavy toll on its systems.

“It looks like he’s going to blow up Twitter,” said Robert Graham, a veteran cybersecurity entrepreneur.

Elon Musk is under increasing pressure as more Twitter employees leave. (Reuters: Evelyn Hockstein)

“I can’t imagine the lights not going out at any moment.”

Though many of the recent Twitter departures predicted a more gradual death.

Hundreds of employees signaled they were leaving before Thursday’s deadline and posted goodbye messages, a greeting emoji or other familiar symbols on the company’s internal Slack messaging board, according to employees who still had access.

A video on social media showed a rolling projection on the side of one of Twitter’s headquarters, reportedly shown by engineers who left the company on time and branded the billionaire as a “mediocre boy child,” “melomaniac,” “parasite supreme.” and other insults.

Dozens also took to Twitter to publicly announce they were opting out.

Musk ‘not particularly concerned’ as Twitter teams gutted

Twitter leadership sent an unsigned email after Thursday’s deadline, saying offices were closed through Monday and access to employee badges was disabled.

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