Emmerdale confirms Leyla and Liam Cavanagh's sad split

Emmerdale confirms Leyla and Liam Cavanagh’s sad split

Emmerdale spoilers to follow.

It seems that one Emmerdale The love story ends when Leyla and Liam Cavanagh split again.

Leyla and Liam are facing a painful decision about their marriage after going through so many traumatic events over the past year.

In an upcoming story, Liam and Leyla have a chat – but things remain tense between them. As their reunion runs out of steam, it’s clear the couple might be better off going their separate ways.

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The two have tried to stick together through thick and thin, but that may not be enough.

Leyla becomes emotional when Liam explains that their relationship was marked by tragedy and sadness, and reflects on the loss of his daughter Leanna shortly after their marriage. Originally treated as a tragic accident, Leanna’s death was revealed to have been orchestrated by her alleged friend, Meena.

The village villain didn’t stop there and shot Leyla dead in a desperate attempt to cover up her crimes. Months later, Meena was caught, found guilty in court of three murders, and sent to prison.

Additionally, Leyla has also struggled with drug addiction, with her drug abuse straining her relationship with Liam – who kissed his ex Bernice after he reached out to her for support.


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After reflecting on their time together, Liam and Leyla realize they might not be good for each other.

They remove their wedding rings to confirm their decision, heartbroken that their romance has led to such a painful breakup.

Later, Leyla seeks comfort from her friend Priya as she is devastated over their breakup.

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