Celebrities react to Spotify wrap results

Celebrities react to Spotify wrap results

Music stars have taken to social media to thank fans for their support after Spotify released its highly anticipated annual Spotify Wrapped roundup.

Lewis Capaldi, Dionne Warwick and Oasis were among the musicians who shared their findings online using #SpotifyWrapped.

Spotify Wrapped is an annual roundup that gives audio app users a slideshow of their most played artists, songs and genres, and also includes data for musicians on the number of streams, listeners and countries their music has reached.

Singer-songwriter Capaldi, 26, said he was “really humbled” after results showed his music amassed over a billion streams.

The someone you loved Singer shared his findings on Twitter, writing, “1 BILLION?!?!

“How is that even possible? Thank you all so much, I am a truly humble king.”

Keane said they were “overwhelmed by your love and support” after their results showed their music had over 40 million listeners in 183 countries and over 385 million streams.

The band tweeted: “Thanks to all 40.1 million of you who tuned in on Spotify this year!

“It is basically impossible to include numbers like these and we are always overwhelmed by your love and support.

“Enjoy the rest of 2022…love.”

Meanwhile, pop star Marina, formerly of Marina and the Diamonds, shared her “embarrassing” results, which revealed she’d been named her own Most Played Artist of the Year.

The singer tweeted, “That awkward moment when you’re your own top artist but can’t figure out why, and then you realize you’ve been using Marina Spotify playlists to do vocal warm-ups every night on tour.”

Many artists encouraged fans to share their Spotify-packaged results with them, including Oasis, who tweeted “Who’s in charge?” after it was revealed that her music was streamed 50.4 million times that year.

Dionne Warwick took to Twitter to urge fans to let her know if she made it onto her Spotify Wrapped, but added: “I hope you’re okay” because “most of my songs are sad” .

The 81-year-old singer, actor and TV host wrote: “If I’m on your Spotify Wrapped let me know.

“Most of my songs are sad and I hope you are well. We can talk about it.”

The fans reacted quickly to this Go ahead Singer, with one writing, “The number of times I’ve cried to ‘anyone who had a heart’ this year is unhealthy,” to which the singer responded, “Get outside and touch nature.

“I love you. Everything will be fine.”

Meanwhile, singer Charli XCX thanked fans for “paying my bills,” adding that they had “amazing taste.”

The 29-year-old singer tweeted: “Am I wrapped up in your Spotify?

“Do you have great taste?

“Are you paying my bills? If so – thank you.”

British pop band Steps announced they have amassed over 41 million streams this year and the results have been staggering, especially for the band, who are celebrating their 25th anniversary.

They tweeted: “Thank you for all the love you have shown us every year but especially this year with our 25th anniversary celebrations.

“What a year celebrating 25 years of Steps with all our wonderful fans!”

Meanwhile, former boy band member turned solo artist Gary Barlow also took to social media to thank fans, tweeting: “Thank you all 2.6million of you for your support as always.”

Source: Press Association

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