Emmerdale's Cain Dingle shocks Chas with a disturbing new decision

Emmerdale’s Cain Dingle shocks Chas with a disturbing new decision

Emmerdale spoilers to follow.

Cain Dingle has stunned sister Chas with his latest decision Emmerdale.

The two fell out over Cain’s involvement in Al Chapman’s death after Cain discovered Al’s affair with Chas, and although Cain has agreed to keep his discovery a secret, he hides his own damning evidence from his sister.

Chas has no idea that Cain is taking the rap to save his son Kyle, who was the one who actually pulled the trigger on Al during the barn showdown.

Tuesday’s (November 22) episode brought Chas on edge when she overheard Charity and Mandy gossiping at the pub about Al’s messy love life as they try to figure out who he was cheating on.


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“Once a cheater, always a cheater. [Kerry] is far better off sailing into the sunset and forgetting it ever existed. We all are,” Charity told Mandy.

As Chas neared her breaking point, she visited the prison to tell Brother Cain how Chloe now suspected Priya of being the one who was having an affair with Al.

Cain changed course by suggesting he could simply reveal that he was Chas who betrayed Kerry. Chas asked Cain to keep her secret for the sake of Paddy and Chloe.

“I’m scared, Cain. I’m so scared that the next time Chloe looks into my eyes and I can’t look back, she’ll see something and just know,” Chas admitted. “I know you don’t want to hear this, but I’m sick of having to pretend I don’t love him because I did.”

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Chas tearfully confessed that she came to Cain because she was “dying inside” and had no one to talk to.

“I’m so lonely, Cain,” she told him.

Cain twisted the knife by admitting he would have told Paddy the truth had he not believed the betrayal would kill him.

“Don’t come visit me again, because you’re as dead to me as our mother,” Cain hissed.

Will Kain Chas Ever Forgive?

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