Emmerdale's Samson Dingle sinks to new low in baby story

Emmerdale’s Samson Dingle sinks to new low in baby story

Emmerdale spoilers to follow.

Samson Dingle has fallen to a new low Emmerdale‘s ongoing baby story.

Wednesday’s (November 16) episode ended with Samson filing a false report of neglect with Child Services in order to take care of his daughter Esther.

This troubling situation unfolded after Samson and Lydia left the child with their son in hopes that he would bond with her. Later, Samson brought up the topic of adoption and reminded Amelia that she had considered having an abortion.


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“How many successful teenage moms do you know?” asked Samson cruelly. “Before you know it you’ll be dropping out of college, baby having two, three and Noah he’ll be out of a job again! That’s great, that!”

Amelia doubted her decision-making, but boyfriend Noah Dingle reassured her that what baby Esther needs is her family – and he would help by putting a cot for the child in his own room.

Noah then left to confront his cousin Samson, leading to a heated argument between the two boys. Samson accused Noah of acting like “a knight in shining armor” when he didn’t even take care of her a few months ago.

“If anything, you’re making things worse when you’re with Amelia,” Samson insisted. “You’re giving her false hope. You’ll end up screwing it up!”

Eastender, Samson


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When Samson insisted that this whole drama was none of Noah’s business, his relative shot back, “Amelia and Esther are my business!”

“I want nothing to do with Amelia and nothing with that kid,” Samson claimed.

After Noah stormed off, Samson dropped to a new low by secretly phoning Family Services to file a complaint about baby Esther’s neglect.

“I think a baby is neglected,” Samson incorrectly reported.

Can Samson get this right?

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