I'm a Celebrity announces fifth housemate is leaving the show

I’m a Celebrity announces fifth housemate is leaving the show

i am a celebrity spoilers to follow.

Another night, another I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! elimination. After Boy George was sent home last night, viewers saw the election tonight (November 23). Babatunde Aleshe as the fifth housemate to leave the show.

Speaking to Ant and Dec after crossing the famous bridge, Babatunde referred to his biggest phobia and joked: “I feel like I’m more scared of toads now than I used to be [before]… they looked as if they had been born in the abyss of hell. They are demons.”

He named Owen Warner the roommate he would most like to win, calling him a “brave soul” and his closest friend in the jungle.


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Turning the clock back a little, the episode began with Jill Scott volunteering to do the latest Bushtucker Trial: Critty Critty Fang Fang.

Dressed up as really tasty, Jill had to get in a flying car (a rickety box with wings and wheels that was suspended by wires and pulled across a canyon) and had to untangle some stars from boxes full of critters.

Jill managed to get all seven stars with three minutes to go, although her moment of celebration was spoiled when she was thrown through the bottom of the car (on a bungee cord, don’t worry), little did she know she was doing it would happen .

Elsewhere, a salamander crawled into camp. Babatunde joked that it was a Pokemon, while Owen couldn’t pronounce it properly and called it a “salamander”.

Owen Warner, I'm a celebrity


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Mike Tindall and Matt Hancock then took part in a Dingo Dollars challenge in which they had to pop 99 red balloons (full of disgusting things) with spikes attached to their helmets and then come up with an anagram. Unfortunately, the roommates misunderstood your question about Adele’s albums, completely forgotten that she has released four albums.

“These challenges can get you down,” Jill groaned in the Bush Telegraph.

i am a celebrity airs at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

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