13 Emmerdale spoilers for next week

13 Emmerdale spoilers for next week

Emmerdale spoilers to follow.

In the next week Emmerdale Episodes Chloe continues to play detective trying to solve the mystery of who Al slept with.

Elsewhere, Mack learns Chloe plans to keep his baby – and he sits down with Charity, ready to confess while Liam and Leyla end their marriage for good.

1. Chloe accuses Priya of being Al’s mysterious lover

Al’s affair continues next week. After all her snooping and research, Chloe accuses Priya of having an affair with Al.

Meanwhile, Chas, Al’s actual mystery lover, visits Cain and tells him how much she misses Al. Not surprisingly, Cain is angry and tells her he wants nothing to do with her.

2. Priya warns Chloe about it


In a moment of chaos, Rishi leaves Amba alone while heading back to the cafe to replace the hot chocolate he dropped, and Chloe, seeing Amba alone, takes her to Keepers.

Rishi panics and alerts Priya, who is then furious to find Amba with Chloe, whom she still accuses of the affair. Angry, Priya warns her to back off.

3. Chloe thinks she finally knows the truth

chloe, charity, emmerdale


Chloe returns the next day, determined to find out the truth – but Priya has a plan to prove her innocence by helping Chloe check Al’s bank statements.

Priya admits that it appears Al may have had an affair and Chloe seems to be dawning at that moment who the real mystery woman is.

At the Woolpack, Chloe bursts in, upset and adamant that she knows who Al has met. Chas tries to hide her panic – but did Chloe get it right?

4. Charity comforts Chloe



Feeling lonely in front of her sonogram, Chloe calls Kerry, and as she goes to her scan, the sound of the heartbeat fills her with even more emotion.

Charity later stops Chloe. Chloe is mortified when Charity promises not to reveal her secret and then asks who the father is.

5. Mackenzie despairs

Mackenzie Boyd and Cain Dingle in Emmerdale


Despite her promise, Charity reveals to Mackenzie that Chloe is pregnant and Mack manages to hide his feelings.

He confronts Chloe, who confirms the baby is his and she proceeds with the pregnancy. Mack panics even more when he learns Kerry knows he’s the father – but Chloe promises she won’t tell Charity.

6. Mackenzie reads himself to tell Charity the truth

Mackenzie Boyd, Charity Dingle, Emmerdale


Mackenzie remains nervous, convinced that sooner or later Charity will tell. He decides the only thing he can do is tell Charity the truth.

He pulls himself together and asks her to sit down. He looks him in the eye and encourages himself – is he about to do the right thing?

7. Liam and Leyla end their relationship forever

Leyla, Liam Cavanagh, Emmerdale


Liam and Leyla try as hard as they can to work on their marriage and soon come to the painful conclusion that their relationship is too marred by tragedy, grief and lies.

When they come to the conclusion that they are not good for each other, they take off their wedding rings, both devastated by their decision.

8. Samson feels betrayed

Amelia Spencer, Samson Dingle, Emmerdale


Lydia and Sam make a firm decision to love baby Esther and support Amelia even when Samson can’t, and they buy Esther secret gifts.

Amelia is touched by her kindness, but when Samson sees them all together in the café, he feels betrayed by her secrecy.

9. Samson is left out in the rain

Samson Dingle, Lydia Dingle, Sam Dingle, Dan Spencer, Amelia Spencer, Emmerdale


Despite Samson’s coldness, Lydia is determined to talk sense into Samson and she offers to help Amelia organize Esther’s baptism and enjoys the planning.

As the discussions and preparations get under way, Noah is touched to realize that he was also involved in the planning.

But outside, hearing their babble, Samson is more isolated than ever.

10. David cheats on Victoria

David Metcalfe, Emmerdale


After fraudulently claiming that Victoria was speeding on his behalf, David becomes nauseous when he sees the letter addressed to her arrive with a fixed speeding ticket.

He later feels even more unhappy when Vic and Jacob reveal their plans to support his new delivery program. David continues to cover up what he did.

11. Victoria is unaware of this

Victoria, David, Emmerdale


Harry insults himself when David leaves the children unattended and as Victoria rushes to the hospital she is stopped by the police after passing a makeshift traffic light.

In order to get to her son, she quickly agrees to points and a fine, eventually making it to the hospital.

Victoria is furious at David’s irresponsible upbringing, but worse comes when he learns of her driving accident. Will he ever tell her the truth about what he did?

12. Marlon worries about his job

Mary Goskirk, Marlon Dingle, Emmerdale


Marlon is making great strides in his recovery, but he begins to worry about losing his job at The Woolpack forever.

But when Marlon helps out Victoria, Rhona is relieved to see Marlon regaining his confidence and finding purpose again.

13. Vanessa makes a decision

Vanessa Woodfield, Emmerdale


Vanessa has a big decision on her mind about the future next week.

When the opportunity of a lifetime presents itself to go to Canada, she finally makes up her mind. With actress Michelle Hardwick close to maternity leave, will Vanessa swap the Dales for the Rockies?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV and streams on the ITV Hub.

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