14 Emmerdale spoilers for next week

14 Emmerdale spoilers for next week

Emmerdale spoilers to follow.

In the next week EmmerdaleAmy and Moira return from Belfast, but it’s clear Kyle is still haunted by his actions as he erects a memorial for Al.

Elsewhere, Mandy worries about Vinny turning into his father – and at Home Farm, Dawn and Gabby fight for a job.

Here are 14 great moments to watch.

1. Amy and Moira return from Belfast


Moira and Amy return from Belfast, but the atmosphere is chilly, and Matty is still upset that they both kept such a big secret from him.

When Matty confronts Amy, she insists their relationship is over and her priority is protecting Kyle.

Amy is also determined to clear Moira’s name with Chloe about Al and tells her to drop her investigation for Kerry’s sake.

Chloe agrees but is hurt when Amy tells her it’s time to move out. She reveals her pregnancy in hopes that Amy will change her mind.

2. Amy and Matty are reunited

Matty Barton, Emmerdale


After further talking, Amy and Matty manage to put things back together and they inform Moira and Mackenzie about how to get back together.

Amy also tells them that she managed to work things out with Chloe, but she makes Mack squirm when she mentions the pregnancy, unaware that he is the father.

3. Kyle is tormented

Matty Barton, Kyle Winchester, Emmerdale


Kyle, still struggling to come to terms with what he did, erects a memorial to Al in the barn. When Moira visits Cain, he expresses concern that her secret is spreading too quickly.

Moira also debates trying to find Al’s true lover and destroying the allegations that got in her way. Cain doesn’t flinch and keeps Chas’ secret.

At the farm, Matty stumbles upon the memorial and worries that it’s too soon for Kyle to go back to school. But while Amy and Moira try to solve the mystery as best they can, the family anxiously prepare Kyle to go back to class.

4. Jimmy gets Vinny to open up

Charity Dingle, Jimmy King, Vinny, Mackenzie Boys, Emmerdale


Mandy is grateful when Jimmy offers to help Vinny from the outside and the two strike up a conversation over a game of Snap.

When Will sees Vinny beating up Jimmy at poker, he has an idea how to get a game going. Others will soon join them.

Vinny is in his element, distracted by his complaint. A Flash newbie named Darren also joins the game.

5. Mandy is angry at the poker games

Jimmy King, Mandy Dingle, Emmerdale


The next day, another secret poker game is arranged, hidden from Charles.

Soon more and more players are taking part, including David – who is shirking his responsibilities at the store, which annoys Eric.

Jimmy tells Mandy about poker. She soon accuses Vinny of turning into his father.

Jimmy feels guilty for encouraging Vinny, but Vinny ignores Mandy’s interference.

6. Vinny ignores Mandy’s concerns

Vinny Dingle, Mandy Dingle, Emmerdale


Soon, Vinny and Mack discuss their strategy for a new game with Darren.

But is Mandy right to worry? And how will she react when she finds out Vinny went behind her back?

7. Gabby gets upset by Dawn

Dawn Fletcher, Gabby Thomas, Emmerdale


Desperate to impress Kim, Gabby prepares for a meeting Kim arranged with Darren about the stud project.

Soon Gabby makes an embarrassing mistake and feels worse when Dawn rushes in and saves the day, impressing Kim.

Kim encourages Dawn to be ambitious and soon offers her a job sharing with Gabby.

8. Dawn rejects Kim’s offer

Will Taylor, Dawn Fletcher, Kim Tate, Emmerdale


Dawn declines Kim’s job offer. Kim assumes it is due to Will’s interference and criticizes him for not encouraging Dawn more.

Later, Dawn shares her childcare concerns with Kim, who suggests hiring a nanny to help.

Dawn agrees to explore options but is still unconvinced.

9. The battle on the home farm begins

Kim Tate, Motherfucker


The next day, still doubtful, Dawn shares her potential job news with Rhona, who tries to boost her confidence and praises how great she was during the surgery. But at Home Farm, a bitter Gabby shares her concerns about Dawn with Kim.

Kim suggests they both join her for a few months and whoever is the most successful gets hired. The battle for the Home Farm job begins.

10. Charles makes changes to the chorus

Charles Anderson, Emmerdale


When Charles has trouble recruiting younger members for the choir, Ethan suggests modernizing things to make him more attractive.

Unbeknownst to Charles, Cathy and April, the boy’s recent trouble at the audition causes great tension and the two prepare to compete on stage.

11. Cathy collapses

Kathy Hope


The rivalry in the chorus grows and Cathy worries when Ethan impresses everyone with his best Mariah Carey.

Cathy collapses on stage from nervousness and April expresses concern while Bob worries about his daughter.

Eventually, the animosity between the girls is resolved and they agree to be friends again.

12. Bernice struggles with her diagnosis

Bernice Blackstock, Emmerdale


Since being diagnosed with menopause, Bernice has struggled to adjust to the news while coping with the symptoms and loneliness.

When Gabby and Rhona offer their support, Bernice realizes that this is not enough and she wants more out of life. She is finally convinced to swallow her pride and ask for her job back.

But when Bernice stumbles over a lost joker card after a game of poker, the wheel turns and soon she makes a surprising offer.

13. Belle is suspicious

chas dingle, nice dingle, emmerdale


With Chloe still determined to find out who Al’s mystery woman was, Charity fills Belle in on Chloe’s snooping. But when Charity teases Chas that she will be the next to be accused of the affair, Belle is immediately suspicious of Chas’ nervous reaction.

Belle confronts Chas again, but Chas sticks to the same story and denies any long-term affair. How long will it take for the big secret to be revealed?

14. Marlon goes back to work

Rhona, Marlon Dingle, Emmerdale


After Ryan’s surprise offer to come back and work at The Woolpack, Marlon fears it’s too soon.

But after Ryan agrees to let him work part-time with extra breaks and adjustments, Marlon accepts the offer and nervously prepares to return to work.

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