Emmerdale's Chloe makes shocking allegations about Al's secret lover

Emmerdale’s Chloe makes shocking allegations about Al’s secret lover

Emmerdale spoilers to follow.

Emmerdale‘s Chloe Harris plays detective next week as she tries to figure out who Al Chapman was having an affair with before he died.

In the upcoming episodes, Chloe uncovers the truth about Al’s betrayal when she finds out he bought a house for himself and a mysterious lover.

Kerry Wyatt is heartbroken when Chloe breaks the news to her, but both are unsure who the other woman was.

Next week, Chloe continues to investigate and accuses Priya Kotecha of having an affair with Al.

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Viewers know that Chas Dingle was Als’ secret lover, so Chloe’s theory is way off the mark.

Chloe later crosses a line when she spots Priya’s daughter, Amba Metcalfe, alone outside the cafe for a moment. Amba’s grandfather Rishi tumbled in after dropping a hot chocolate.

Chloe takes the opportunity to cause trouble and takes Amba back to Keeper’s Cottage. Priya is furious when she finds out what happened.

Priya warns Chloe to back off. She later proves her innocence by checking Al’s bank statements, which do not match her own movements.


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Softening towards Chloe, Priya agrees that it seems Al is having an affair, but encourages her to take her wild accusations elsewhere.

Soon Chloe comes to another realization and thinks she knows who the other woman was.

At The Woolpack, the door slams open and an angry Chloe walks in, announcing that she knows exactly who Al met.

Chas tries to hide her utter panic, but has she been caught or is Chloe on the wrong track again?

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