12 EastEnders spoilers for next week

12 EastEnders spoilers for next week

EastEnders spoilers to follow.

Next weekend EastEnderscalls Sonia after Janine tells another shocking lie, while Nish grows suspicious of Suki and Alfie finds new hope in Kat’s reunion.

Here’s a complete collection of the 12 greatest moments ahead:

1. Janine tells another shock lie


While Linda worries about the repercussions of missing her parole date, Sharon asks Mick to step in and explain to Murray where she’s been.

Upset to learn that Mick has been dating Linda once again, Janine brings him some disturbing news.

Mick passes this on to Sonia, who immediately realizes that Janine is lying. Angry, Sonia wants to tell Mick the truth, but Janine manages to stop her. However, Shirley overhears their conversation and is suspicious.

Janine later assures Sonia that she will eventually tell Mick, unaware that he is listening…

2. Rocky and Freddie make a disturbing discovery

Harvey Monroe, Eastender


While Rocky is still concerned about Harvey’s relationship with “Sophia”, Bobby digs into Sophia and discovers that Harvey sent her money.

Freddie comes up with a plan to help and manages to snag Harvey’s cell phone by recording as much information as possible.

Freddie and Bobby later tell Mitch and Rocky about their plan, and Freddie soon makes an interesting discovery.

3. Kat learns the truth about Alfie

kat mond, alfie mond, eastenders


Alfie panics when Kat returns from her vacation and needs access to Phil’s safe. Backed into a corner, Alfie has to admit he lost £30,000 of Phil’s money and she’s pushing to get it back.

Alfie is determined to get some old electronics for sale, but his plan goes awry once again.

Kat is also upset to learn that Alfie has been living at #55 in her absence, but after some persuasion from the boys, she lets him stay.

4. Nish becomes suspicious of Suki

suki kaur panesar, nish panesar, eastenders

BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Eve manages to arrange lunch with Nish and Suki, leaving Stacey to question her motives.

Suki isn’t happy about this, but Eve tells her she’s not going anywhere.

Eve offers legal advice to an impressed Nish over lunch, but when Suki is called away, Nish wonders why Suki is so tense in Eve’s presence.

As Nish continues to pick up on Suki’s strange behavior, he later tells her that he booked her on a business trip.

Suki quickly declines the offer, further fueling Nish’s suspicions.

5. Sonia comes first because of Janine

Sonia Fowler, Janine Metzger, Eastenders


Janine panics when Mick asks what she is keeping from him.

Shirley sees through Janine and calls her about her lies, but it’s Sonia who decides to take the most assertive action when she makes a mysterious call.

6. New romance for Linda?

Linda Carter, Eastender


Linda thanks Mick for his support with her parole officer and they share a touching moment.

Later, Sharon reveals that the date Linda got up was actually a misunderstanding and he would still like to see her. Mobilizing Linda as she prepares for her date with Karl, Mick confides in him a concern.

At Walford East, the date seems to be going well until Karl asks Linda who Mick is.

7. Janine’s fears increase

Janine Metzger, Eastenders


Janine’s paranoia about Mick and Linda simmers all week. When Sonia catches her spying on her, she reassures Janine that it’s all in her head.

Things take another turn when Mick and Janine show up at Walford East during Linda’s date, leaving Janine suspicious that Mick knew Linda was there.

She scolds about it to Sonia, who keeps promising Janine that Mick loves her and that his relationship with Linda is history.

8. Harvey learns the truth

Harvey Monroe, Rocky, Bobby Beale, Eastenders


Rocky wonders if they should tell Harvey what they discovered, and when Dotty barges in and learns what happened, he realizes they have to.

When Harvey sends more money to Sophia, Rocky, Mitch, Bobby, and Freddie tell him everything. How will he react?

9. Alfie gets new hope

Alfie Moon, Kat Moon, Eastenders


Still thinking about Phil’s money, Alfie tells Tommy he can’t help with a school fundraiser. Seeing his son’s upset, Alfie quickly changes his mind and after overhearing a conversation with Karen and Mack, comes up with an idea.

When Alfie breaks the exciting news to Kat, he promises her this is real and has nothing to do with Phil’s money.

Kat is impressed when Alfie recruits volunteers for his fundraising idea, giving him a glimmer of hope for their future.

10. Janine receives a crushing blow

Janine Metzger, Sonia Fowler, Mick Carter, Eastenders


As everyone prepares for the Christmas lights party at The Vic, Janine remains determined to solidify herself in Mick’s life.

Until she takes a crushing blow, but what is it?

11. Sonia receives heartbreaking news

Sonia Fowler, Eastender


Sonia’s phone cuts out during the Christmas lights party and she misses an important call.

Later, Sonia receives a devastating phone call – Dot has died.

12. Jack has a break with Amy

Amy Mitchell, Jack Branning, Denise Fox, Eastenders


Jack turns to Amy after everything that’s happened lately.

When his mission fails, Denise steps in and Amy comes to Jack.

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show is also streamed on BBC iPlayer.

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