Strictly Come Dancing's latest Kym Marsh dance tribute explained

Strictly Come Dancing’s latest Kym Marsh dance tribute explained

Be sure to come dance Star Kym Marsh has credited her cha-cha routine as a tribute to legendary singer Irene Cara.

Dancing to their track ‘Fame’ as part of Strict‘s Musicals Week said Kym was honored to perform on the song after news of the singer’s death last month (November 25).

“When I hear this song, it takes me right back to my childhood. [It’s such] a legendary tune from a legendary singer,” she said during rehearsals. “It was always an honor [to dance to the track]even more now.”

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“There’s no room for error,” Kym continued, adding that it was weird to watch Strict at home while I had Covid-19 last week.

“I’m so excited to be back this week. Back with Graziano, back with the gang and I’ll do justice to Irene Cara in musical week.”

The pair’s routine, complete with ’80s lycra and leg warmers, was well received by audiences and judges alike, with Tess Daly calling it an “iconic number.”

Leading the praise was head judge Shirley Ballas, who said, “You can actually move your body. There is no hiding behind a costume here, you really look stunning.”

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Motsi Mabuse added: “You shone out there the whole time… I thought you were coming back with a bang.”

Despite praise from all four judges, Kym and Graziano ended the night with 34 points at the bottom of the leaderboard.

Could the couple be in danger of ending up in the dance-off?

just for a week Be sure to come dance is broadcast on BBC One on Friday (2 December) at 8pm, with a results show on Saturday (3 December) at 5.40pm. spin-off show Strictly speaking: it takes two Melodies weekdays on BBC Two. Both shows are also streamed on BBC iPlayer.

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