12 Hollywood spoilers for next week

12 Hollywood spoilers for next week

Hollyoaks spoilers to follow.

Next week next HollyoaksJuliet’s big new story begins when she receives troubling news in the hospital.

Elsewhere, Beau seems to be hiding something as he tries to fit in with the Hutchinsons, while Damon and Shaq both have plans for the same engagement ring.

Here’s a complete collection of 12 big moments to come.

1. Juliet is tested in the hospital

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Struggling with a mysterious illness, Juliet decides to get checked out at the hospital as a precaution. She is confronted with her past again when Peri is the one doing the tests.

Juliet has arranged to meet Nadira for lunch and has been reacquainted with her friend’s father, who is also coming along. However, she ends up having to go back to the hospital, where Misbah explains that she will need a biopsy.

2. Nadira doesn’t know anything about Julia’s news

Julia Nightingale and Nadira Valli in Hollyoaks

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Since Juliet hasn’t confided in Nadira what’s going on, Nadira complains about missing the lunch appointment. Juliet snaps in response, causing even more tension between the troubled couple.

Nadira eventually rearranges the meeting, but Juliet still doesn’t take the opportunity to explain that she needs a biopsy.

3. Juliet’s test results are revealed

Misbah Malik and Julia Nightingale in Hollyoaks

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Ste finds out what’s wrong with Juliet when he finds a flyer she accidentally dropped. He decides to support her with her hospital appointment.

James also rushes to support Juliet, who will soon receive her test results. In the episodes, Juliet continues to push Peri away, stating that she doesn’t want to be with either her or Nadira.

4. Tony’s reputation is at stake

Tony Hutchinson and Diane Hutchinson in Hollyoaks

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After rumors about Tony’s past hit the local paper headlines, Zara suggests he release a statement and family photo to limit the damage. Diane suggests Beau could attend, but he refuses to interfere.

Tony is surprised that Beau is unwilling to help and angrily accuses him of being the one who informed the press in the first place. A suspicious Tony no longer trusts Beau and demands a DNA test to determine if they are really related.

This comes just as Nancy found out that Beau is a qualified teacher and asked him to join the physical education department at Hollyoaks High. Will Beau still be interested in making his mark in the village?

5. Beau remains a suspect

Tony Hutchinson and Beau Ramsey in Hollyoaks

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Tony later discovers Beau in a secret conversation with the journalist. He assumes this is evidence that Beau was the source of the damaging story, but Beau explains that he merely asked the reporter to retract the article.

When father and son make peace, Beau offers to help Tony with his plans to unveil the village’s new statue.

6. Diane’s anger at Beau grows

Tony Hutchinson, Beau Ramsey and Diane Hutchinson in Hollyoaks

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Diane is upset to find out Tony spent the previous day with Beau instead of helping her kids with the daycare. She gives Tony an ultimatum and wants him to figure out what his priorities are.

Later, the DNA test results arrive, confirming whether or not Beau is Tony’s son.

7. Beau gets mysterious

Jonpaul Bell so beautiful in Hollyoaks

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Tony has another heart-to-heart with Beau and asks for one last chance. The Hutchinsons later dress up for a group press photo to restore Tony’s reputation.

Just when things seem to be looking up, Beau takes a mysterious call. what is he hiding

8. Damon proposes

Damon Kinella in Hollyoaks

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Damon confides in Shaq and Joel about his plans to pop the question to Liberty, even bringing them on board to witness his practice attempts.

Later, Damon goes ahead and asks Liberty to marry him.

9. Shaq has an idea

shaq qureshi in hollyoaks

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Shaq continues to be supportive of Damon and offers a friendly ear when Damon wants to talk about his love life.

It seems Damon’s proposal didn’t go well, as Shaq offers to buy the engagement ring from him so he can give it to Verity instead.

10. Goldie is revealed to be a cookie thief

Goldie McQueen in Hollyoaks

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Nana calls for an investigation when cookies go missing from the McQueen house. She asks John Paul and Sally to join her with a trap to catch the thief.

The culprit turns out to be Goldie, who is homesick after turning her back on her family in the recent dispute over Bobby. The McQueens plan to bring Goldie back into the herd.

11. Mercedes and Goldie are trapped together

Goldie and Mercedes McQueen in Hollyoaks

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Mercedes and Felix grow ever closer together. Mercedes’ mind returns to family drama when John Paul locks her and Goldie in the garage together, hoping they’ll work things out.

Goldie offers to move home if Bobby stays in Alicante, but her hopes are dashed when she finds out the murderous schoolboy will be coming home soon.

12. Goldie makes a disturbing discovery

Goldie McQueen in Hollyoaks

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Goldie talks to Verity about her best options for dealing with the bobby situation. Goldie wants to speak to the police about Bobby’s role in Sylver’s death, but Verity encourages her to find evidence first.

Mercedes catches Goldie snooping around, but calls her Bluff and helps with the search, not expecting anything to be found. In the end, however, the two make a disturbing discovery.

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