Inside Princess Beatrice's finances and her two massive royal trust funds

Inside Princess Beatrice’s finances and her two massive royal trust funds

Sometimes you look at an aggressively huge hat and you think: Impressive, You know who that would look good on? Literally nobody but maybe Princess Beatrice!, person who loves hats and has the budget to buy as many as she wants because she’s really loaded.

While Princess Beatrice isn’t a ‘working queen’, she does have a bank account full of twopence, farthings, halfpennies and other extremely British coins – and her net worth is pretty impressive. It’s time to run through her income streams (hint: multiple trust funds) to find out how she’s able to afford all those damn hats.

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She was given a trust fund when her parents divorced

Anyone who doesn’t earn millions at the end of their parents’ marriage is simply doing something wrong! Bea and her sister Eugenie got a ton of cash during the divorce of disgraced royal Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson in the mid-’90s. How do you ask? Basically, the terms of the divorce stipulated that a trust should be set up for Fergie and her daughters, and they reportedly received £3million from the British royal family as part of the settlement. Of that, £1.4million went into a trust for Beatrice and Eugenie, with Fergie (presumably) keeping the rest.

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She also has a trust fund from her great-grandmother

What, your great-grandmother didn’t leave you a huge sum of money? Neither do I, so we can be bitter together. Luckily for Beatrice, her great-grandmother (aka Queen Elizabeth’s mother, the Queen Mother) decided to leave most of her fortune to her great-grandchildren. In 1994, the Queen Mother put £19m (roughly two-thirds of her money) into a trust fund for this generation – and guess who got most of it? Corresponding The guard, that would be Prince William and Prince Harry, aged 21, splitting £6million of the trust (Harry got most of it because he doesn’t get all the perks that a future king brings) and can split another £8million when they turn 40. Note: Prince William turned 40 this year so TBD on whether he already has his share or has to wait until Harry turns 40 too.

Either way, around £5million is left for Her Majesty’s other grandchildren – although that amount is believed to be higher these days. Depending on how those funds were invested, £5m can grow a lot in ~30 years.

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She had some real jobs

Before we get to Beatrice’s 9 to 5, please be advised that while she is a working royal, it is not a “working royal”. That means Princess Beatrice, unlike her cousin Prince William, doesn’t receive any money from the Sovereign Grant – taxpayers’ money that covers the salaries of royals performing public engagements on behalf of the Queen.

Not working for the Crown, Beatrice has had time for other full-time jobs over the years, including at Sony Pictures (where her salary was leaked during the Sony hack…interestingly, it was relatively low) and software company Afiniti, where she worked as a Vice President of Strategic Partnerships.

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She got involved in $ drama with her father

The whole thing is very complicated, but Prince Andrew was recently accused of fraud by Turkish millionaire Nebahat Evyap Isbilen, and both Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice have been named in the case. More details here, but pro the telegraph, Isbilen accused former Goldman Sachs banker Selman Turk of taking £40million and allegedly included a payment of £750,000 which was transferred to Prince Andrew’s account and described as a wedding present for Princess Beatrice. Beatrice knew nothing of any of this and the money has since been repaid.

So what is Princess Beatrice’s net worth?

celebrity net worth reports that she’s worth about $1 million, but it’s unclear if it’s cash or not her trust funds. Anyway, that total doesn’t take into account her marriage to multimillionaire real estate developer Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi!

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