"Dead To Me" kills a fan favorite in the series finale

“Dead To Me” kills a fan favorite in the series finale

*Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers for all three seasons of dead to me. Proceed with caution.*

dead to me was always destined to end in death. For two seasons, the specter of death hovered over every car ride, wine night, and appearance of wooden birds. But the show, which centers on Judy Hale (Linda Cardellini) and Jen Harding (Christina Applegate), who turned into a murderous friendship, has yet to face our protagonists real consequences for their heinous acts. Sure, a grief-stricken Judy unsuccessfully attempted suicide, and a paranoid Jen almost worried about a grave over her possible arrest. But only in the last season does her perennial avoidance of consequences come to a tragic end.

dead to me is a drama based on a soap opera-like web of incredible coincidences and fortuitous entanglements. The show entered its third season on a cliffhanger after Judy and Jen were involved in a hit-and-run accident after being killed by Ben Wood (James Marsden), the brother of Steve Wood (aka James Marsden), the man whose death they were trying to cover up. This came after Jen killed Steve by smashing his head in with a wooden bird, leaving him to drown in her backyard pool at the end of season one. This is in fact also afterwards General Hospital Vogue, Jen finds out that Steve has a twin brother who she falls in love with in season 2. And there’s a lot of sex with the police and the police next door, some Greek mafia run-ins and social media accusations that got us in the way on this (necessarily) winding road to the final season.


dead to meShowrunner and creator, Liz Feldman, brought an air of finality early and often to Season 3. After Steve’s body is discovered in the woods at the end of Season 2, the police finally begin to investigate his disappearance as a homicide. A few episodes later, the chronically positive Judy discovers she has stage four cervical cancer, prompting her to ask self-reflective questions like, “Why didn’t I have sex with everyone all the time?” In the penultimate episode, that deadly diagnosis inspires the compulsive magnanimous Judy to tell the police that she murdered Steve to save Jen and her unborn baby (oh yes, she’s pregnant with Ben’s child) from jail. Ben is jailed and released for his involvement in the hit-and-run, the FBI makes the Greek mafia their prime suspect in Steve’s murder, and Ben and Jen finally start dating.

Each loose end is tied to when the credits last run, including a death that was bound to occur but still leaves us with more questions than answers.

Did Judy die? dead to me

After Jen finds out that Judy secretly confessed to a murder Jen committed, she does what any good friend would do: hatch an escape plan. For Jen, this plan includes appealing to the empathy of officer Nick Prager (Brandon Scott), who Judy briefly dated, by asking that Judy be admitted to a cancer treatment program in San Francisco for three weeks before he takes her to the FBI brings. Once he agrees, Jen and Judy head off on a Mexican getaway to a palatial estate owned by Steve. Little did Jen know that this holiday would turn into a farewell party.

dead to me

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After Judy collapses in the kitchen, Jen begins planning how to change her life at home to beat cancer, before Judy somberly tells her she’s planning a “permanent vacation” in Mexico. Judy never says outwardly that she is staying in Mexico to die without burdening her friends and family; it is said aloud in Jen’s silent and tearful realization of Judy’s true intentions. The last time we see the two pillars of dead to me Together Alive lies in bed fighting back tears while watching her favorite showThe Facts of Life. The next morning, Jen wakes up to find Judy missing and a handwritten note on her bedside table before looking out her window at the boat Judy tried to board her on earlier in the episode. Judy said being on a boat at sea with her pseudo-uncle Paul as a child was the freest thing she’d ever felt and foreshadowed her ultimate destiny.

The series ends with Jen now being the mother of a daughter named Joey and Ben happily splashing around with Jen’s two sons in the same pool where she killed Ben’s brother. Although Jen’s family and friends from the grief circle acknowledge that Judy is no longer with them, no one specifically says she is dead, we don’t see Judy’s body, nor a funeral for someone Jen considers a sister, nor any episodes of Jen and Judy, who evaded arrest for weeks. Season 3 featured an open coffin funeral for Steve with only his suit in the coffin, so not showing a scene of Judy’s closest friends and family mourning her is an odd omission.

By all accounts, Judy is gone. is she dead That’s open to interpretation, but as the series wraps up with its third season, Jen’s time on Earth is likely to be over.

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