No words to comfort my children after the death of my wife - don't let it be in vain

No words to comfort my children after the death of my wife – don’t let it be in vain

A heartbroken man who lost his wife to cervical cancer has said her death “cannot be in vain” and urged women to “please go for a swab”.

Patricia Carrick, from Galway, died two years ago after her cancer was overlooked.


Patricia Carrick pictured with her husband DamienCredit: See caption
Patricia's cancer was overlooked


Patricia’s cancer was overlooked

Devastated husband Damien took to social media to pay tribute to his wife this morning on the second anniversary of her death.

He asked women to act now when a swab is due and not to delay it.

Damien wrote: “November 25th 2022 has been 2 years since my beautiful wife Trish passed away after a battle with cervical cancer.

“Her cancer, like many others, was missed on a smear test and when we got the diagnosis it was too far away.

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“There are no words of comfort that will help me and my children, Trish’s father and siblings, and our families and wider circle of friends with the reality of the devastating loss of Trish.

“Your life cannot be in vain. On behalf of Trish Carrick today and in her memory.

“I would like to ask one thing of all of you: please go and have a swab and call your sisters and tell them to have one too.

“Don’t wait until next week or next month or after Christmas. GO AND GET A GO NOW! It can save your life.”

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Patricia had three swabs in 2014, 2016 and 2019 with no abnormalities found.

But five months after the 2019 test, Patricia received a call at work telling her she likely had cancer.

A formal diagnosis, radiation, and chemo followed.

But Patricia and husband Damien were later told the cancer was terminal.


Taoiseach Micheal Martin apologized on behalf of the state to Patricia in the Dail, telling her “you failed”.

He said: “It didn’t have to be like this. In May 2016, Trish went for her scheduled smear test, a health procedure she always took very seriously and never missed.

“If this sample had been read closely, Trish’s sample would have been identified in time, appropriate treatment would have been given and chances are she and Damien are now reflecting together on a worrying time in their lives as the illness is now well behind them. But there was no exact measurement.”


Meanwhile, Vicky Phelan’s hometown is expected to be “packed” for a memorial service this weekend, which will feature some of her “favorite music.”

The sister of the CervicalCheck activist, who died last week, said the family is working to organize the special celebration for her.

And the public is invited to attend the “celebration of a lifetime” which will take place in Vicky’s hometown of Mooncoin, Co. Kilkenny on Sunday.

Vicky, 48, died on November 14 after a long battle with cancer.

The mother-of-two was buried days later at a private funeral as tributes poured in from around the country for the respected activist.

Vicky’s family had promised that the public would have an opportunity to pay their respects at a later date.

A special memorial service will be held at 1 p.m. Sunday at the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

Vicky’s sister, Lyndsey Kelly, said the memorial will be a “celebration of her life and an open service for people to pay their respects.”

She told the Irish Sun that the family is still organizing details but “some of their favorite music will be played”.

Lyndsey said many people are expected to attend the memorial service and more details about the service will be posted on Vicky’s Tribe’s Facebook page later in the week.


The sister added that she wanted to say, “Thank you everyone for your support. All the lovely mentions we all get, it really means a lot.”

Fine Gael Councilor Pat Dunphy said locals also expected the church and surrounding area to be full of people who wanted to show their respect and sympathize with Vicky’s family.

The service will also be streamed online for those who wish to watch from home.

He told the Irish Sun: “I would expect the place to be packed”.

He continued, “People could pay their respects to the family.

“There will be a very large crowd there. I’m not sure how many will travel when it streams, I’m sure some people will travel.

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“The church can only accommodate so many, but there will definitely be some people traveling.

“She was such a great woman for everyone, not just the locals here, but the whole country’s perspective, to be honest.”

Damien said Patricia's death 'can't be in vain'


Damien said Patricia’s death ‘can’t be in vain’

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