8 Emmerdale spoilers for next week

8 Emmerdale spoilers for next week

Emmerdale spoilers to follow.

In the next week Emmerdale Chas tries to convince Aaron to keep their affair a secret since she plans to run away with Al.

Elsewhere, the villagers clean up after the storm and Chloe tells Kerry she’s pregnant.

Here are the 8 big moments to watch.

1. Cha’s manipulative Aaron


Chas worries that Aaron’s hot-tempered nature will make him reveal everything to Paddy, but when Paddy talks to Aaron and asks him to clean the air with Chas, Aaron reluctantly agrees.

Emotions running high, Aaron accuses Chas of still being with Al, but she swears it’s over between them.

Chas sinks to a new low, emotionally blackmailing Aaron into retiring – and she’s relieved when she plans to persuade Aaron to give up village work.

2. Aaron decides to leave

Aaron Dingle in Emmerdale


Paddy is upset when he hears Aaron leaving – and Chas covers his relief.

But something isn’t quite right for Paddy, and he begins to worry about what’s behind Aaron’s decision.

Will Aaron crack and reveal his mother’s secret?

3. Al tries to slow down Kerry’s wedding plans

Al Chapman, Kerry Wyatt, Emmerdale


Al does his best to make the two women in his life happy and leads Kerry to believe they are getting married, but cautiously tries to slow down her plans for big action.

What she doesn’t know is that he secretly plans to flee the village with Chas.

4. Bernice pushes Bob around

Bob Hoffnung, Bernice Blackstock, Emmerdale


Bernice surveys the devastated village after the storm, organizes a clean-up team, and makes Bob her deputy.

Resentment and competition builds between Bob and Bernice, with Bernice enjoying her role as manager and Bob feeling taken advantage of.

Will Bob break and end Bernice’s reign as leader?

5. Mack worries about his secret

Mackenzie Boyd, Chloe, Emmerdale


Mack has been nervous since his one-night stand with Chloe – but now that she’s pregnant and terrified, he has even more to worry about.

When Mack sees Chloe and Charity talking intimately, he worries his secret could be exposed and destroy his relationship with Charity. How long will it be before Charity realizes something is wrong?

6. Chloe wants to move away

Kerry Wyatt, Emmerdale


Chloe can’t take her secret any longer and has to lie forever. She plans to leave the village and go to Leeds.

Kerry can’t understand why Chloe can’t let things get through Mack and when she learns that Chloe is leaving, she tries desperately to get her to stay.

Cornered, Chloe finally admits she’s pregnant, leaving Kerry stunned.

7. David is worried about his business

David Metcalfe, Bernice Blackstock, Emmerdale


After the storm, David returns to see the damage with his own eyes.

Bernice reminds him that despite the destruction, he must start drumming up customers again. But David is confident that the store can recover from what happened.

8. Leyla dodges

Leyla Cavanagh, Emmerdale


Back in the village, Leyla is nervous about being back home.

When Victoria asks if she plans to speak to Liam, Leyla avoids giving her a direct answer. Is this the final end of their marriage?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV and streams on the ITV Hub.

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