Despite recession worries, iPhone 14 sales are set to outperform the competition

Despite recession worries, iPhone 14 sales are set to outperform the competition

Apple’s iPhone 14 is just a few months away, and the Cupertino-based company looks set to make its usual mid-September launch. Some models could face launch delays after lockdowns in China, but iPhone 14 sales are likely to start on schedule in September.

Not only that Apple will start selling the next-gen smartphone on time. Many expect demand for the iPhone 14 to be pretty strong despite the current economic reality.

Demand for the iPhone 13 is still high despite the drop in smartphone sales

A report from Reuters Citing iPhone supply chain sources, demand for the iPhone 13 continued to be strong in July. And that despite a drop in sales of Android smartphones. In addition, this points to even stronger iPhone 14 sales in September.

One of the sources said that iPhone 13 shipments in July were a third higher than iPhone sales a year earlier. The pattern is unusual as iPhone sales tend to slow in July and August. It is the strangest in the current economic landscape.

Render iPhone 14 Pro: Apple’s new display design. Image Credit: Front Page Tech

With high inflation and recession fears, demand for Android smartphones has fallen. Sales in China fell 10% in May from a year earlier, data from Counterpoint Research shows. The number reached 96 million, which is unusual for the country. It’s only the second time in nearly a decade that smartphone sales have fallen below 100 million a month.

But iPhone was a big winner in China after lockdown ended, Reuters says, citing Cowen analyst Krish Sankar.

The report also states that Apple gave suppliers a higher initial shipment forecast for the iPhone 14 than the iPhone 13 last year. This suggests that Apple expects strong demand for the iPhone 14 at launch.

China becomes a massive winner for the iPhone 14

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently said on Twitter that demand for the iPhone 14 in China will surge this year, outpacing iPhone 13 sales. The well-known analyst based his conclusions on anecdotal evidence from resellers in the country preparing for the iPhone 14 launch.

kuo repeated his beliefs in a new thread on Twitter. He said the potential demand for the iPhone 14 series in China continues to rise. One possible explanation is the lack of competition from Huawei. The Chinese smartphone maker has been unable to produce iPhone competitors for a number of years following US sanctions.

As a result, more buyers in the country may be looking at the iPhone 14 series. If Kuo’s findings hold true, iPhone 14 sales in China will be even stronger after the September launch.

Camera size: dummy iPhone 14 Pro Max (left) vs. iPhone 13 Pro Max (right).
Camera size: dummy iPhone 14 Pro Max (left) vs. iPhone 13 Pro Max (right). Image source: YouTube

How much will the iPhone 14 cost?

All of these separate iPhone 14 sales conclusions are the most interesting given the current price rumors. According to most leaks, the iPhone 14 series will be more expensive than its predecessors.

Manufacturing and shipping costs have steadily increased over the past two years, a direct result of the pandemic and war in Ukraine. Apple has left the iPhone 13 pricing unchanged compared to the iPhone 12 series. But it will increase the prices of the iPhone 14 models.

The base 6.1-inch iPhone 14 variant may still cost $799 in the US before the carrier makes offers. That’s the same price as its predecessor. But there won’t be a cheaper $699 Mini option. Instead, customers get a Plus model that costs at least $899.

In addition, the iPhone 14 Pro models will be at least $100 more expensive than their predecessors.

With this in mind, the sales predictions for the iPhone 14 are the most interesting. It’s not just that Apple may be selling more smartphones than its peers in the early months of the recession. Apple will charge customers more for iPhone than ever before.

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