The new Apex Legends character comes with a cute sidekick and a big sniper rifle

The new Apex Legends character comes with a cute sidekick and a big sniper rifle

Apex Legends continues to capture the attention of its players after several years in the market, and next week the battle royale shooter will take things back to where they started with a new season that revisits the game’s original map . Already this year, the game added two new characters (plus two more in the new mobile version), brought upgrades to next-gen consoles, rotated in a well-received Control game mode, and was notched in double digits according to EA’s earnings call this week Earnings growth again for the last quarter. On the other hand, player complaints are piling up about glitches, ranked mode scoring, matchmaking, and pretty much every other small detail.

Last season was particularly troubled, with issues marring one of the game’s best features – its responsive controls – and enough bugs that it even cropped up during a pro Apex Legends tournament last month.

I can’t assess the game’s stability until we start playing it, but when we called reporters, the team confirmed that they’re listening to players of all skill levels on how to customize gameplay. Design Director Evan Nikolich called Ranked a “work in progress” and said that as the developers try to emphasize being a good team player, we should expect more changes in the full patch notes. Other long-awaited features like gifting and cross-progression are still to come, but there’s no word yet on when they’ll be available. When it goes live, players can expect cross-progression, allowing them to switch platforms so PC players can complete daily challenges on the go on a Switch, for example.

Other changes that will be noticeable to longtime players include a revamped progression system that lets you repeat the level grind from 0 to 500 and earn more packs. Players can repeat the process up to four times, earning new badges and unlocking more rewards. If you’re starting from scratch, the process would yield enough packs to guarantee you’ll eventually get an “heirloom” item in the game, but if you’re already maxed out, it won’t be enough on its own.

In the actual game, there are almost too many changes to consider. The controversial Gold Knockdown Shield, which allowed downed players to revive themselves and occasionally win the game without even reviving themselves, had this feature eliminated. Many professional and high-level players had complained that it was unfair, but the team says they’re making changes based on what they see across all levels of the game. Now the same item has the functionality that was attached to the golden backpack, allowing players to revive teammates with extra shields and health, while the golden backpack now has a “deep pockets” perk that allows it to hold additional healing items.

Many of the game’s weapons that have been present since launch change, as the Wingman pistol suddenly requires sniper ammo and the Spitfire machine gun uses light ammo instead of heavier. We’re not getting a new weapon for this season of Apex Legendsbut the radical changes in how it works might be enough to even that out – the only question is if everything stays balanced or if an all-sniper/shotgun loadout will reign supreme.

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That brings us to the new character, Vantage, and the old map, Kings Canyon. A recent ranked OG season split apex The map showed how many players have grown since the game’s launch – on a map that didn’t quite fit today’s playstyle. For the hunted The reforged Kings Canyon looks very different this season. It’s bigger, many chokepoints have been expanded, the iconic Skulltown section is back as a new area called Relic, and there are other map changes designed to help fights progress faster instead of the extended skirmishes that usually characterize the Attracting a third party’s attention before one team could defeat another. The loot on the map is positioned differently now, and a new skybox aims to make things brighter compared to their original grubbyness, which you might wear after a while.

Vantage is another legend with recon skills, armed with a sniper rifle for her ultimate prowess. She can use her lens to zoom in on enemies to see team size, shield rarity, and Legend Names, as well as additional bullet drop calculations when using sniper sights. She can position her cute winged companion, a bat named Echo (which cannot be damaged or killed), and then double jump to her for quick repositioning.

Her sniper rifle’s ultimate is the first in the game to function without being fully charged. For them, the charge builds up over time, adding extra ammo for Sniper’s Mark shots. The scope can reveal enemies and successfully highlight the enemy squad with a diamond token for 10 seconds, dealing 100 damage per hit and additional damage taken by Vantage’s team.

Adding another legend with tracking abilities feels a bit risky. ace over watch encountered problems when too many characters could stun each other, Apex Legends turns into a game where no one can hide. But from the problems we’ve seen in apex This year, the new Legends have been fairly balanced, although player stats suggest that the newcomers aren’t being used much. Player protests like “No apex August” doesn’t seem to have caught on and the gameplay is as addictive as ever. But for the new season I just hope that everything works as it should.

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