The Love Island star is calling for big changes after experiencing "the greatest frustration" with the show

The Love Island star is calling for big changes after experiencing “the greatest frustration” with the show

island of love Star Lacey Edwards has urged ITV to change a crucial aspect of the show for contestants.

Lacey went on the ITV2 reality show as a “bombshell” in the very last week of the final series.

However, the reality star recounted Daily Star that bosses allegedly told her she was going in just before the start of the series.

But in the end, Lacey was kept in quarantine until last week.


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The ITV star quit her job in France before appearing on the show and moved to other countries to take part.

“Speaking from my experience, I quit my job in France – I moved to the country to come back and do this. Don’t get me wrong, everything happens for a reason, I wouldn’t change my experience, but this was a big move for me [only] I’ve got less than a week in.”

She said if she had been more aware of how short her time on the show would be, maybe things would have been different.

“If I’d have been more aware if they’d said, ‘Lacey, we love you and want you like a bomb, but it’ll be near the end,’ even if I had that hint of it [I would be going in] towards the end.”

Lacey insisted ITV should try harder to be transparent with potential islanders as she might not have shown up at all had she known the full truth.

Lacey, Island of Love, Episode 47


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She said: “The only thing I would recommend ITV would be to try to give people more indication of when they were going in. I know it’s hard, they explain it to you and it has to fit the plot. I get it, but they need to know roughly when they’re going to do a dump in order to then let someone in.

“That was my biggest frustration island of love If I had left in the last week, I probably wouldn’t have given up my whole life in France.”

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