Swit PB-C420S 420Wh V-Lock battery review - Newsshooter

Swit PB-C420S 420Wh V-Lock battery review – Newsshooter

Swit recently launched the PB-C420S, which they say is the largest capacity V-Lock battery available today. The PB-C420S is a 420Wh, 14.4V, 29.1Ah battery that can deliver a constant power load of 250W/20A and a peak load of 305W. The battery consists of 24 individual Li-ion cells.

As more and more devices come onto the market that consume a lot of electricity, batteries with a higher capacity are required. Yes, there will be some cameras and devices that will use ARRI’s new open standard B-mount batteries, but there is still a need for 14.4 VV mount and AB Gold mount batteries with high capacity. This is where the PB-C420S comes into play.

The largest capacity 14.4VV mount batteries I know of have a peak power of around 300Wh, so 420Wh is a huge step up.


If you operate powerful LED lights or large cameras with high power consumption, batteries with such a large capacity make sense. With a peak load of 305W, a pair of Swit PC-C420S batteries can fully power a 600 watt light.

It was great to be able to remove the battery from my AMIRA and then not have to spend hours changing the battery. A battery like this is also great if you need to roll continuously for long periods of time.

250W constant high load

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Switch indicates the PB-C420S outputs at least 250W/20A peak load even at 1% capacity (up to 305W peak load), enabling high-performance cine cameras and on-camera devices to operate together. The high load cells also provide better battery life compared to normal load batteries. The new battery has an overcurrent protection of 24A.

What you absolutely need to know about such high-performance batteries is that despite having a capacity of 420Wh, they cannot deliver 420W of power. People might just assume that with two 420Wh batteries you could power an 840W power harvesting device, but that’s not the case.

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As for powerful lights, you still can’t use two SWIT PB-C420S batteries to run devices like Aputure LS 600d/600b/600c Pro or Nanlight Forza 720d/720b at full power. If you want to run the Aputure LS 600c Pro remotely at full power, you must use 26V 18A batteries. With 14.4V 15A or 26V 8.5A batteries, you can only run the light at 50% power, regardless of their capacity.


Even with a light like Prolycht’s Orion 300 FS, you can’t use a single SWIT PB-C420S battery to power the light, as this light needs 320W to run continuously. I had to put an extra battery on the power supply/controller before it would turn on.

High power lights are difficult to operate remotely and lighting manufacturers should, at least in my opinion, spend more time clearly explaining the limitations of running lights from batteries.

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If you work in broadcasting, batteries like the SWIT PB-C420S make a lot of sense, especially if you need to power 1×1 or 2×1 panel lights that are commonly used by field news crews. When you do a lot of live crossings, having a high capacity battery that can power your lights for many hours is very appealing.

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