Disenchanted stars original Enchanted star Rachel Covey, although the role has been recast

Disenchanted stars original Enchanted star Rachel Covey, although the role has been recast

Disenchanted features a cameo appearance from the original Enchanted Star Rachel Covey you may have missed.

The long-awaited Disney sequel brings back the main cast from the first film, including Amy Adams as Giselle and Patrick Dempsey as Robert. However, the role of Robert’s daughter Morgan has been recast with newcomer Gabriella Baldacchino.

It doesn’t seem like there was bitterness on the part of OG Morgan star Rachel Covey, however, as in addition to appearing at the world premiere, she also has a small cameo in the film.

She doesn’t play any other version of Morgan as that would be too confusing, but she does appear when Giselle accidentally turns Monroeville into the real fairytale town of Monrolasia.


Rachel Covey, Amy Adams, Disillusioned


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Covey’s character doesn’t have a name other than “Monrolasia Girl,” but she does get a line when she reminds Giselle there’s a festival in town tonight.

There was no official comment as to why Disenchanted decided to recast the role of Morgan. However, Covey appears to be doing well as she just released a new musical she wrote in New York.

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Covey’s cameo is far from the only cameo Disenchanted Also involved as Disney’s “lucky charm” was Alan Tudyk, who voiced the role of the talking scroll that accompanies Giselle’s spell.

There are plenty of Easter eggs and Disney knots to be found elsewhere, as director Adam Shankman teased “floor-to-ceiling” references ahead of its release.

“When the city transforms into a fairytale town, every sign of every store has a Disney wink in it. But it’s super subtle,” he explained. “Everywhere you look you could swing a cat, you hit a trope and it was really, really fun.”

Disenchanted is now available on Disney+.

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