Emmerdale Cha's demise and 7 other spoilers

Emmerdale Cha’s demise and 7 other spoilers

Soap spoilers to follow.

Having trouble keeping track of the constant stream of soap spoilers? Don’t worry, like every Sunday Digital Spy selects the biggest and best storylines to hit your screens over the coming week.

1. Emmerdale: Chas panics about Chloe’s detective work

      (Wednesday at 7pm on ITV1)

      Kerry may have left the village, but Chloe is determined not to forget the betrayal she suffered. Chloe focuses her attention on finding out who Al was cheating on before he died.

      Detective work is not Chloe’s forte at first, as she wrongly concludes that Priya was Al’s mystery woman and repeatedly confronts her. When Chloe refuses to back down, Priya takes matters into her own hands by proving her innocence.

      Reviewing Al’s bank statements, Priya confirms it appears Al did indeed cheat on Kerry with someone – but not her. It only fuels Chloe’s desire to find out more.

      Suddenly flooded with realization, Chloe decides she knows exactly who the secret lover was. Chloe storms into The Woolpack and explains that she knows everything, which causes Chas to panic. Did Chloe solve the mystery?

      (Wednesday at 8pm on ITV1)


      Sam finally gets his wish because he gets to meet up with Harvey in prison. The student seeks answers about the tragic death of his mother, Natasha, but although Harvey confirms the startling case of Natasha and Leanne being mixed up, Sam has more questions.

      Harvey’s past is revealed as he recounts how he lost his own mother when he was 14. Sam speculates that this started Harvey’s downward spiral into a life of crime.

      Unfazed by Sam’s amateur psychology, the ruthless Harvey storms off, but after reading the boy’s emotional letters in his prison cell, he later agrees to meet again.

      3. EastEnders: Janine’s worrying accident

      (Monday and Tuesday at 7.30pm on BBC One)

      Linda Carter, Janine Metzger, Eastenders


      Janine and Mick look happily into the future as they go to the baby scan together. However, when Janine later goes off on her own, disaster strikes as she falls down the stairs of the subway station.

      Linda spots Janine with the paramedics and they both struggle to get through to Mick, who has misplaced his phone amid the World Cup chaos at the pub. Despite being scheduled to meet with her community payback officer, Linda drops everything to support Janine at the hospital.

      Later, Mick is finally reunited with his phone and is horrified to find the missed calls and messages. Will Janine and the baby be okay?

      4. Hollyoaks: Maxine steps up her detective work

      (Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. on E4 and Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. on Channel 4)

      Maxine Minniver and Eric Foster in Hollyoaks

      lime paintings

      Determined to uncover Eric’s recent criminal behavior, Maxine secretly visits his trailer to gather leads. Eric soon realizes with concern that his laptop is missing.

      Verity helps her brother find the missing computer, but soon wonders if she is doing the right thing by supporting Eric after all the recent allegations against him. The walls could start to approach Eric.

      5. Emmerdale: Leyla and Liam broke up

      (Wednesday at 7pm on ITV1)

      Leyla, Liam Cavanagh, Emmerdale


      Leyla is back in the village after her time in rehab, but repairing her broken relationship with her husband, Liam, proves impossible. The atmosphere between the couple is tense and awkward after everything they’ve been through over the past year.

      As the two sit down for an honest chat, Liam admits he feels their relationship is built on lies, heartbreak and betrayal. He thinks they’re not good for each other – and Leyla agrees.

      The couple agree to go their separate ways, but the breakup hits Leyla hard and she soon breaks down in front of the likable Priya.

      6. Coronation Street: Yasmeen is worried about Stu

      (Wednesday at 8pm on ITV1)

      Stu Zimmerman, Eliza Yasmeen, Coronation Street


      Life should look good for Stu after his historic murder conviction is vacated and he gets to raise his granddaughter Eliza. Unfortunately, the new family dynamic at Nazir House faces more teething problems.

      Stu takes his responsibilities as a grandparent seriously and panics over getting Eliza ready for school on time. He wants to take on every role himself and seems upset when he learns that Yasmeen made Eliza’s breakfast and Alya braided the boy’s hair.

      Stu later creates a long list of things to do for Eliza, insisting that she shouldn’t neglect any of her hobbies after the recent upheaval in her life. Yasmeen can see that Stu is exaggerating with his behavior, but a tactful approach may be needed to address the issue.

      7. EastEnders: Lexi finds out the truth about Lola

      (Wednesday at 7.30pm on BBC One)

      Lola Pearce, Lexi Mitchell, Eastenders


      As Lola prepares for her first radiation therapy appointment, she finds it increasingly difficult to hide the truth about her prognosis from Lexi.

      Jay, Billy and Ben keep encouraging Lola to be more honest with her daughter, warning her that Lexi may soon see for herself what is going on. Lola reacts poorly to her harassment and storms off.

      Later in the week, Lexi becomes suspicious of everyone’s strange behavior and ends up stealing a letter that was delivered for Lola. The letter details Lola’s treatment and when Lexi is revealed to have her, Lola realizes it’s finally time to tell the boy everything.

      8th. Hollyoaks: Olivia continues to blackmail Charlie

      (Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. on E4 and Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. on Channel 4)

      olivia bradshaw, charlie dean and sally st claire in hollyoaks

      lime paintings

      Olivia faces another setback at school when Sally refuses to give her a raise. She continues to blackmail Charlie and recruits the teenager to help her use ruthless tactics to make room in the school budget.

      Charlie wrestles with whether to do the right thing and defy Olivia’s wishes, or follow her orders to keep himself out of trouble.

      With Charlie’s decision known, Nancy tries to uncover Olivia’s sinister intentions once and for all, but Darren wonders if she’s doing it the right way.

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