KFC manager explodes at the customer

KFC manager explodes at the customer

A shocking video has surfaced of a KFC executive allegedly berating a customer who wanted his sloppy slider snack to be remade.

The customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, was with his young son at KFC’s drive-thru in Greymouth, New Zealand, on Saturday afternoon when he ordered a slider from their menu.

After exiting the drive-through, he checked the slider only to find it was drowning in gravy, to the point where he thought it would “take the p***.”

“There was enough sauce on it. Normally I wouldn’t go back, but they took the absolute shit,” he told the New Zealand Herald.

“Just a few minutes later I walked in and said can you please make me another slider.”

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Instead of complying with his request, he allegedly caught the abuse from the manager, who told him to fuck off.

After the initial alleged abuse, the client pulled out his phone and started recording and caught the manager coming back and hitting on him again.

“Do you want to get the manager down to sort my food? Tell him to come out and sort it out,” the customer asked another worker in front of the camera.

The worker came back without the manager, and the customer asked again, “Go get your manager, brother, and tell him to apologize to me for just talking to me and sort my burger.” You can’t just tell someone to fuck off if they’re complaining about it. Tell him to make me a new burger and come out and apologize.”

The manager is then seen coming to the counter before telling the customer to fuck off, allegedly for the second time.

“Will you fix this, mate?” the customer asked, before the manager returned fire and said, “You can fuck off.”

The customer then said, “Make me a burger. Look what you did to my burger.”

The manager then replied, “I didn’t fucking make it.”

The client was not happy with the manager’s attitude and then said, “You are the manager, take care of it.”

The manager then said, “Nah, fuck off,” before walking away. The customer then politely asked again, “Please make me another burger,” but was ignored.

At the request of herald If the manager’s behavior was acceptable, a KFC spokesman dodged the question but confirmed they were investigating.

“We take this incident very seriously and are investigating through the appropriate internal channels. As this is an active employment matter, we cannot comment further.”

They also dodged whether the slider served to the customer in the video was up to their usual standards.

The customer said that herald He was stunned by the whole incident and that other staff seemed too “nervous” to help.

“None of the other staff would help me. They kind of looked at me like they couldn’t help me because their manager told them not to. All they had to do was make a new slider and send me on my way.

“It’s not about the NZD4, it’s about the principle of getting halfway decent service and a product you want to eat. It wasn’t that I was trying to complain, it was more of a question, “Look at the state of my slider, can you make me another one, thanks.”

According to the customer, the incident lasted about 10 minutes.

The customer said that herald others in the restaurant were shocked by the manager’s alleged outburst. He decided to leave the store as he didn’t want the incident to escalate further.

“I got to the point where I decided to leave because I figured if I kept making a fuss and making a scene, he was going to call the police about me and I’d be the one in trouble, not him .

“I thought it was a winding up, to be fair. When I walked in there I was pretty calm because there was a bunch of older customers next to me. He started freaking out before I even started recording and half the shop was incredulous.

“My little son was also standing next to me, so I didn’t want to freak out with him. But the manager just lost the shit. The old people in the shop were quite disgusted with the manager’s language and his carry-on luggage. When he came out fully clothed, a lady took five steps back because she was absolutely horrified.”

The customer said he is not after a refund from NZD4, just wants customers to be treated with respect and hopes the incident can still be resolved.

This article originally appeared in the New Zealand Herald and is reproduced with permission

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