I cut the bottom of the sofa for coins to get milk for kids - not long ago

I cut the bottom of the sofa for coins to get milk for kids – not long ago

Irish actor Aidan Gillen has confirmed his character will be returning for the second season of Kin after a cliffhanger series finale.

And the 54-year-old star opened up about scavenging for coins to buy milk in his early acting days.


Aidan confirmed that he will be back for the second season of Kin
Aidan said he was busy filming Kin and another television series


Aidan said he was busy filming Kin and another television seriesPhoto credit: Getty Images – Getty

But now Gillen is one of Ireland’s most in-demand actors, and viewers watched as his crime boss Frank Kinsella overdosed in the closing minutes of the season one finale of gritty RTE crime drama, leaving fans wondering if he survived.

However, the Dublin actor has now revealed that Frank will be back and that he has flown in and out of Ireland to film season two.

Opening the Dingle Distillery International Film Festival, Aidan said: “Right now I’m working on the drama Kin, which RTE is showing.

“The second season of That, which is still being filmed, so I did that again.

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“I’m doing another TV series right now called Mayor of Kingstown in America.

“So I’m going back there next week to finish that.

“So I did that at the same time Kin was going back and forth.”

Aidan shared how he considered giving up his acting career — and is still thinking about it.

When asked if he was considering quitting acting, the Game of Thrones star said, “Yeah, absolutely. I suppose I had no expectations at all.

“In fact, people were saying, ‘There’s no future here, there’s no hope, there’s nothing to do’.

“I found that kind of discouragement very inspiring.

“If you’re told you can’t do something, it will make you want to do it.

“But yeah, I mean, of course I’ve thought a lot of times along the way, ‘I want to do something different,’ and I still do.”


Aidan said breaking into the acting scene as an Irish actor in Britain in the 1980s was a “difficult time”.

He explained: “I went to London to England quite early and was expecting it.

“I wasn’t sure what being Irish would mean, especially in the late 80’s because it was actually a difficult time to be Irish in London.

“But then the arts, theatre, television and drama were great and they liked your difference.

“So I got all my early starts at the BBC and the National Theater in London and that was in no way a barrier, quite the opposite.

“And I had also received some advice not to try to be like other actors because that’s what you do when you’re very young – you try to emulate your idols or your heroes.

“While the only thing we’ve all set in motion for ourselves is our individuality, ourselves.

“So just use that and use that, but still remember to give up. Every day now.”


And he said there were times when he struggled to pay the bills.

The 54-year-old added: “There was a point where I cut open the bottom of the sofa to get coins out to get milk for the kids.

“And it really wasn’t that long ago.

“I remember that quite vividly and then … where you’re trying to pay off your years of tax debt because you bought a house because you need one because you have kids.

“So there was a point where I felt like I could pay the bills, and since then I’ve been fortunate enough to pay the bills most of the time.”


At the opening of the Dingle Distillery International Film Festival, Aidan shared how he lived there with his family for four years.

He explained: “I moved there for a year in the mid-2000s and stayed for four years.

“So I’m in love with the place. I don’t have the opportunity to spend as much time there as I would like.

“My kids who went to school there are grown up now, their friends have moved away, there are fewer excuses so I’ll be there if I ever find one.”

Speaking about the film festival, he continued: “Well I’m delighted that it’s coming back, that’s number one.

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“And I’m delighted that it’s under new management and that it’s going to be a different number two and that’s it.

“And whatever they’re going to program, I have no doubt about that, it’s going to be really exciting to watch and it gives me an excuse to go back to Dingle and all that stuff.”

Aidan admitted he was considering giving up acting


Aidan admitted he was considering giving up actingCredit: Allen Kiely

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