Ant McPartlin threatens to 'leave' during 'I'm a Celebrity' Instagram Live |

Ant McPartlin threatens to ‘leave’ during ‘I’m a Celebrity’ Instagram Live |

“I go. Not just from Instagram Live, from the show!’

Ant McPartlin has threatened to leave the show after I’m a celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here fans left him upset. It took his co-host Declan Donnelly all his skills to keep Instagram Live going.

In the end, it was just a conversation about Roy Keane that got the two boys back on track.

The co-host of the ITV reality show was back on screens this week alongside pal Donnelly, bringing viewers the latest in jungle action.

It comes as Matt Hancock was forced to sit out the latest Bushtucker trial, which saw Chris Moyles, Boy George and Babatunde Aleshe attend the Angel of Agony, after viewers spared the former health secretary from his seventh straight appearance.

During the process, Boy George sang while navigating a box full of critters to find a star while the group stood in three different boxes in which they were covered in creepy crawlies.

The trio couldn’t keep their nerve and ended up winning just three stars out of 11 available. Even Ant and Dec said afterwards that it was “frustrating to watch.” Back in the studio, Dec joked, “Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, what an accomplishment. Three pathetic stars.”

Ant added, “Yes, their names are George, Baba and Chris.” Dec continued, “Baba was really upset with his performance. He’s taken his disappointment back to camp, he’ll just have to drop it,” before Ant quipped, “He won’t have a problem dropping it my friend. Wasn’t he terrible?”

And it seems the frustration hadn’t quite left Ant when he and Dec appeared on Instagram Live after the last show.

The Geordie duo asked viewers for their thoughts and opinions on the latest jungle action, while also asking for their suggestions on who the show should sign as roommates for the next series.

But some of the fancy requests reached Ant and he didn’t hold back. “Hold on…Taylor Swift…next year,” Ant said, echoing one of the comments made during her live performance on the social media platform. While Dec laughed in the background, Ant stood in front of the camera and raged:

“Right, seriously. It’s more than a joke now because you’re an idiot to say that.

“An idiot. That’s all.”

Returning to his seat behind Dec, his co-star said, “Just stay there, someone said Ed Sheeran.” When he got going again, Ant fumed, “Right, you’re a bigger idiot because he never will.” . Taylor Swift won’t do it, Ed Sheeran won’t do it… Peter Kay WON’T do it. He just announced a tour, you idiot!”

“Right, you’re really teasing me now. If you just say a bunch of names of famous people who will never do the jungle then I’ll go,” Ant continued after seeing Prince Harry mentioned in the comments. “Not just from Instagram Live, from the show!”

Dec queried: “From the show?” to which Ant succumbed, “I’m not leaving the show.”

It comes after Ant and Dec revealed who was at the top of their wish list for roommates – former footballer Roy Keane. “We asked him a few times,” Ant said, and Dec added, “Roy Keane is at the top of our list!”

Ant then teased: “And he was close to saying yes so maybe next year could be the year! Come on Roy Keane!” while Dec chimed in, “I would love Roy Keane!”

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