Paddy's Pick 5 picks: Ruby Walsh & Rory Delargy's picks for Saturday's £/€100,000 jackpot

Paddy’s Pick 5: Pick five winners and win 100 grand – enter now for free

At Champions Day at Ascot, a player came within 7 stadiums of winning the maximum jackpot of £/€100,000.

Unfortunately, Escobar, their last leg, was unable to continue a stellar run that saw them pick up a 33/1 winner at Bayside Boy and also land on Baaeed’s conqueror Bay Bridge (10/1) in the race for the spoils.

But the good news is that there’s another six-figure prize up for grabs on October 22nd! Shot!

And don’t forget, entry is completely free. So if you want a chance to win the whole of Wonga on Saturday, simply submit your selection in the entry game below.


And just in case you’re brand new Paddy’s Pick 5 is free, easy to play and has a jackpot of at least £/€25,000 every week with rollovers if not won.

Did we mention it’s free? Yes, FREE!

Simply pick the winner in each of our five selected races below and you’ll be in with a chance of bagging the prize. If there is more than one winner, the winnings will be shared.

13:50 – Newbury
14:05 – Cheltenham
14:40 – Cheltenham
15:15 – Cheltenham
15:50 – Cheltenham

Not sure who to choose? Well, Paddy has your back because we’ve got something serious tips for horse racing up every day Paddy Power news with insights, expert analysis and best estimates from our racing experts.

Paddy’s Pick 5 is available to new and existing customers with registered Paddy Power accounts in Ireland and the UK aged 18+. Customers can only qualify once for each draw and prizes will be paid out within 72 hours of game completion.

Remember that you must submit your entries before the first race of Paddy’s choice 5 is off. Much luck! IT’S FREE!

Here are the always exciting T&Cs…

Who can participate?
• The promotion is available to new and existing customers with registered Paddy Power accounts in Ireland and the UK aged 18+. Paddy Power promotes the competition in association with RMG Operations Limited. The competition will also be available via for entrants who are Paddy Power customers.
• Accounts must be fully verified
• Flutter Entertainment employees are not eligible

How and when can I qualify?
• PP Pick 5 is a free horse racing competition. The Contest consists of rounds in which a jackpot may be won by a participant selecting the winners of a series of races (maximum five races per round) taking place on any given day (the “Contest” and each round of the Contest is one “round”)
• If multiple participants correctly select the winning horse from each of the five races in the round, the prize will be shared

How to enter
• Simply select the horse you think will win from the races on offer. Repeat this process until you have answered all the questions

How does the competition work?
• Before the start of the first horse race of each round, participants must ensure that they have selected their bets and submitted answers.
• If a selection corresponds to a non-runner in either race, that selection will be replaced by the SP favorite (“SP Favorite”) for that race. The SP Favorite is the favorite chosen by the Press Association Racing Feed. If there are common SP favorites, the pick is replaced with the SP favorite with the lowest race card number.
• If for any reason the information required to determine the SP Favorite is not available to the Promoter or if the Promoter reasonably determines that use of the SP Favorite would not be appropriate for any reason, the Promoter may elect to use any other mechanism. Not -Replace participants.

Jackpot Prizes:

• Saturday’s jackpot is £100,000. If the jackpot is not won that day, there is a £100,000 jackpot each week until the jackpot is won. The maximum jackpot that can be won is £100,000
• If multiple participants select 5 winners on the day, the jackpot will be shared.
Void Races:
• If any of the five races forming part of the round is abandoned, postponed or not completed for any reason, or if an individual winning horse is not officially identified for any reason for any of the five heats in a competition (other than a dead heat), the race will (at the discretion of the Organiser) be deemed void (“Void Races”)
• If there is a void race in a round of the competition, the jackpot prize is £5,000
• If there are two void races in a round of the competition, the jackpot prize is £1,000
• If there are three or more void races in a round of the competition, the round will be considered canceled and no prizes will be awarded.

When will I receive my prize?
• Prizes will be paid out 72 hours after the end of the game

Other boring but essential stuff
• Prizes will be paid out 72 hours after the end of the game
• Paddy Power reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to exclude certain customers from this promotion and to change the terms or availability of this offer at any time.
• Customers can only qualify once for each draw.
• Paddy Power race rules apply.
• The full General Terms and Conditions of also apply to this offer.
• By opting in, you consent to Paddy Power publicly disclosing your first name and city/county if you win the jackpot

Organizer: Flutter Entertainment

Flutter entertainment
Office Park Belfield
Beech Hill Road, Clonskeagh
Dublin 4, Ireland

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