What's better than nothing?  Some.  Dbrand iPhone Skin shows the internals of your phone

What’s better than nothing? Some. Dbrand iPhone Skin shows the internals of your phone

The Nothing Phone launched this week, and the most striking feature of the design is a transparent back cover that reveals the inside of the device – along with some funky lights. You can now give your iPhone 13 Pro Max the same look with a new Dbrand skin…

Dbrand iPhone Skin mimics Nothing Phone

Dbrand is known for Snark, and the iPhone skin is no exception: the company called it Something, suggesting that Something is better than Nothing.

The special edition skin is currently only available for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Pixel 6 Pro and Samsung S22 Ultra, however, the company announced The edge that further versions will follow.

This is how the company presents the skin, which is also available as a grip case:

It’s better than nothing.

Minimalism for the crowd.

Imagine you are trying to break into the smartphone market. Turns out, having less cash than Apple is a little difficult. Availability? Limited. Deliver? Restricted. Even with a design so compelling that people over at StockX are paying ridiculous premiums, no one can get their hands on your fancy new flashlight. To top it off, the assholes at dbrand parroted your design and are making it for the competition. sorry carl

Some might accuse us of stealing. Here’s our counter: We haven’t stolen anything. Finally, thanks to our teardown initiative, we spent a lot of time looking at the internal hardware. As a result, we are uniquely qualified to tear down an industrial design aesthetic and “creatively reinterpret” it for other devices. This isn’t stealing – it’s plagiarism, which is definitely not a crime. We have checked.

Dbrand even mimics Nothing’s website typography.

The edge notes that the indication of the legality of the move is another aspect of brand personality.

Last year it even got a cease and desist letter from Sony for releasing replacement side plates for the PS5 after Dbrand goaded them with the message “Go ahead, sue us” on the product page. Dbrand later redesigned the signs to avoid resembling the official ones, and the product page now has the caption: “Checkmate, Lawyers”. It remains to be seen if Nothing will sue Dbrand for anything.

You can buy the skin or grip case here. Of course, if you want the skinless look, you can always use iFixit’s teardown backgrounds.

The Nothing Phone (1)

As for the Nothing Phone itself, our sister site 9to5Google says it’s clearly iPhone-inspired.

From a distance, the Nothing Phone (1) certainly looks like the iPhone 12/13 series, but has two glass panels, but is IP53 water and dust resistant.

The other notable feature on the back of the Nothing Phone is a series of LED light strips, which the company calls the Glyph interface. Different patterns correspond to different ringtones and notification tones, also in other usages.

The most striking and biggest selling point of the Nothing Phone (1) are the “Glyph” light strips under the transparent glass pane on the back of the device. You can’t fully customize the lighting, but use preset patterns for individual apps or contacts.

  • Ringtones: Pneumatic, Abra, Plot, Beetle, Squirrels, Snaps, Radiate, Tennis, Coded, Scribble.
  • Notification Sounds: Oi!, Bulb One, Bulb Two, Guiro, Volley, Squiggle, Isolator, Gamma, Beak, Nope.
  • Charging Indicator – When using a wired charging cable, the light bar above the USB-C charging port fills to show the current charge level.
  • Google Assistant Feedback – The light bar above the USB-C charging port lights up with animations to indicate that the Google Assistant is responding to feedback with the hotwords “Hey Google” or “OK ​​Google.”
  • Flip to Glyph – A clone of “Flip to Shhh” in Nothing OS that sets your device to Do Not Disturb, disables vibrations and sounds, and enables light-only notifications when placed face down on a surface .
  • Bedtime Schedule – A way to schedule glyph lighting to turn off during bedtime or at preset times.

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