'Get Garda Billy after the Woo Guy' - the funniest reactions to the Late Late Toy Show

‘Get Garda Billy after the Woo Guy’ – the funniest reactions to the Late Late Toy Show

The nation was spellbound by the Late Late Toy Show last night and once again social media has been unrivaled in its commentary on the big night.

Arda Billy and Pilot Aron were among the many minor heroes, but The Woo Guy is definitely the villain.

Here are some of the funniest reactions to this year’s extravaganza.

Dublin Fire Brigade causes burns instead of trying to prevent them, roasting ‘The Woo Guy’:

The online detectives were hard at work:

If a guy yells “Woo” in a forest and no one’s around to hear him, has he ever really meant “Woo” at all?

He was issued a one-way ticket from Donnybrook (he wasn’t really):

“That’s the last woo from you unless you fancy a trip downtown?”:

video of the day

Pilot Aron stole the hearts of the nation and will steal pilot jobs in the future, but he certainly won’t steal company time:

Aron can choose to work for Aer Lingus later instead:

What is certain, however, is that Cealan will only play for one club in the future:

We can confirm that no spectators were injured when the seats were cleared for the performance:

It was a Wizard of Oz themed night, but Aussies still stuck their heads in it:

Good thing Caoimhín has an excellent record in penalty shootouts not featured in the Late Late Toy Show:

I think Volodymyr might have other things to worry about, but maybe next year:

Jack landed maybe the coolest kid of all last night, he wasn’t too excited about Disneyland:

This cheeky munchkin sure stole the show:

Serious 3 o’clock wedding photo booth vibes from this one:

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