How To Quickly Unlock Fortnite's Whiplash In "Rocket League" - High Octane Quest Guide

How To Quickly Unlock Fortnite’s Whiplash In “Rocket League” – High Octane Quest Guide

Fourteen days‘s High Octane in-game event is a fun crossover featuring rocket league This event will drop the legendary Octane car in the game’s Battle Royale and community-created modes.

It’s not just a joy to drive, jump, turn and accelerate the Octane through the varied landscape Fourteen days‘s map, but players also have the option to complete quests to earn in-game rewards for both games. Completing eight High Octane quests will earn Fourteen days player rocket leagueThemed cosmetics: four “Back Bling” cosmetics, a spray and an emoticon, and the new Clutch Victory pickaxe.

Completing the same quests also unlocks the Whiplash as a playable battle chariot rocket league and dig, along with new wheels and four decals. This reward is of course the most coveted rocket league Players who may have just installed Fourteen days for the first time in years (myself included), so this guide will speed up those quests and have you whiplash reseting in no time.

How to unlock whiplash car in Rocket League

To unlock the Whiplash you need to complete eight out of eleven High Octane quests, three of which are included Fourteen days‘s Battle Royale modes, and the remaining eight are completed in four community-made mini-games.

The good news is that the High Octane quests are pretty easy, and even as Fourteen days I could only complete it as a newcomer 30 minutes or so. To eliminate the extra time required to find an Octane in a Battle Royale mode, I’ve stuck with the minigame challenges.

To load the first minigame into the lobby, use the playlist selector on the main page Fourteen days Menu (click on the playlist or use X/Square depending on your controller type) and scroll down until you see the High Octane Quests playlist as shown below.

Note that there is also a High Octane playlist, so make sure you’ve found the correct High Octane Quests playlist. This is the easiest way to find and join the required minigames to complete each quest.

Rocket League live


  • Earn 250 points on RL Live
  • Earn 100 points on RL Live

This was by far the quickest pair of challenges out of the bunch, assuming you know the trick. After spawning in-game, run through the lobby (where rocket league Esports are shown on huge TVs (pleasant surprise!) until you come to two portals: Freestyle and Race.

Jump onto the freestyle portal and you’ll be transported to a walled area with floating hoops. Drive into the arena, turn around and you will see a small red hoop in the air. Passing this ring gives you 20 of the 250 points you need to complete Rocket League Live quests.

The easiest way to jump through this hoop is to position yourself at the ramp in the screenshot above, ramp up right at the hoop and use the boost to make any adjustments you need. With practice, you can even jump right off the wall and back through the hoop for even more points. Doing this about a dozen times will get you the 250 points required for both quests.

You can check your progress at any time by pressing the back button on your controller or by pressing the escape button and opening the quest menu. Once both quests are marked as complete, you can return to the lobby.

rocket ruins


  • Collect 8 coins
  • Reach every hardpoint in the Rocketeer Ruins

Rocketeer Ruins is a King of the Hill minigame in which players compete to stay within the moving hardpoints on the map. Luckily, players simply have to drive through each hardpoint to mark progress toward the quest, and a massive overhead arrow points right there. Some of these are tricky to get to, but you have plenty of time to jump there or find a ramp that will take you to the Hardpoint Zone.

Once a hardpoint is active, follow the arrow there and spend the rest of your time searching for coins (see above) until the next point activates. These coins are scattered across multiple levels of the map, so check both the ramps and the ground floor.

I was able to complete both quests before the end of the round. Be sure to check your progress to make sure you’ve visited each and every hardpoint, as my lobby repeated a few hardpoints before I could visit the last one.

octane race


  • Complete a round in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Complete two rounds

This is a straight-forward racing mini-game with two simple quests, both of which can be completed in just a few minutes. Just load into the minigame (a private lobby works just fine), hop in an Octane to start the race, and use yours rocket league Skills to complete two periods. Even with a few slips and collisions, it’s easy to beat target time when you’re picking up lots of Boost Pods. After completing two rounds, double check that you’ve completed the quest and you’re good to go.

Octane vs. Snipers


  • Deal 600 damage (as a sniper)
  • Eliminate a Sniper opponent (as Octane)

This minigame reminds me of the good old days of Halo Forge. Half the players in the lobby are armed pedestrians on a platform while the other half drive Octanes. Unsurprisingly, both teams try to take each other out by any means necessary. Once the mini-game begins, you’ll be assigned to one of two teams, who switch sides at the end of each round.

As Octane, you’re trying to ram into the snipers, so ram a ramp and use your boost to target enemy players. This can be a little tricky, especially if you’re still getting used to how this works Fourteen days Octane grips but it’s not too harsh. Once you’ve eliminated a sniper, you’ve completed one of the two quests.

As a sniper, simply shoot incoming Octanes to only deal 600 damage before the round ends. Be careful not to get hit by a flying car as this will end your turn and limit your damage output.

After playing both sides of the minigame to complete each quest, you can exit the lobby.

Collect your rewards!

After completing each of the above quests, you will unlock the whiplash car for both of them rocket league and dig, along with a new set of wheels and four decals. Assuming your Epic Games and rocket league Accounts are linked correctly, the whiplash should appear the next time you launch either game. If you don’t get the popup, make sure you’ve completed each quest properly. Otherwise give the servers a few hours to deliver your items.

It took one rocket league install crossover event for me Fourteen days for the first time in years, but I found the community-made mini-games surprisingly fun. I would love to see a similar in-game system to demonstrate the tremendous creativity in the rocket league community and add some fun new game modes.

Players have until December 3rd to complete eight or more quests. Detailed information on the High Octane event can be found here.

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