Woolworths confirms major trading hours changes for stores across Australia

Woolworths confirms major trading hours changes for stores across Australia

Woolworths has announced major changes to its national trading hours and the way it operates its deli, seafood and meat departments.

The supermarket giant has confirmed to 7NEWS.com.au that it is adjusting store opening and closing times to make them more consistent across Australia.

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This means select stores will open an hour later or close an hour earlier to align with stores in other states (see full details below).

In addition, Woolworths has reduced the opening hours of its deli counters.

From August 1st, the supermarket’s deli, meat and seafood section will close at either 7pm or 8pm – regardless of the store’s opening hours (see full details below).

Woolworths has confirmed that opening and closing times will be adjusted to make them more consistent across Australia. Recognition: Getty

A Woolworths spokesman said the changes were made after careful consideration.

“Due to the changed shopping behavior of our customers, we have changed the opening hours of our fresh food counters nationwide. This includes our meat, seafood and deli counters,” the spokesperson told 7NEWS.com.au.

“Customers can continue to shop similar products such as chicken breast fillets and salmon in our Fresh Convenience packaged range in-store.

“We have also moved to standardize our total hours of operation so that we can offer a consistent customer experience across our branch network.

“Select stores across the country will open an hour later or close an hour earlier to align with other stores and better align with customer shopping behavior.

“We will be closely monitoring feedback from customers and team members over the coming months.”

Woolworth’s seafood counters now close at 7pm. Recognition: delivered

New fresh service trading hours

From August 1st, Woolworths deli, seafood and meat counters will be operating as follows:

  • The fresh food service Deli will operate from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. (7 days).
  • The seafood and meat counters are sold from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm (weekdays) and from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (weekends).
  • 7NEWS.com.au is aware that only a handful of stores will have extended counter hours for fresh produce as these stores still experience high customer demand.
  • Signs were put up at the fresh food counters and in front of the branches to inform customers of the changed opening hours.
  • The new initiative is understood to have been tested in a handful of NSW stores in May 2022.

New business hours

Woolworths has announced the following trading hours changes.

  • Select stores across Australia will open an hour later or close an hour earlier to align with other stores across the Woolworths network.
  • 7NEWS.com.au understands the change means your local shop, if it normally opens at 6am, will now open at 7am. And instead of 10pm it now closes at 9pm.
  • The change means that if a customer is traveling from state to state, trading hours will be roughly the same across the country.
  • Customers are encouraged to come here to see how the change has impacted the opening hours of their local Woolworths store.
  • Signage at the front of each Woolworths informs customers of the store’s new opening hours.
Woolworths deli counters now close at 7pm. Recognition: Dallas Kilponen/Woolworths

News of the change in trading hours for Woolworths delicatessen, meat and seafood has already drawn mixed reviews on social media.

A Woolies customer criticized the decision that all of the supermarket’s services should be available during opening hours.

“If Woolworths restricts services in their stores from 7pm we will no longer be using their services,” the Adelaide-based customer said.

“Shoppers need to remember that Woolworths has openly requested and advocated extended grocery store hours to 9pm.

“Now that they have them, they don’t want to offer you that service.”

Mixed reviews

He added: “As someone who works irregularly, I usually do my night shopping after 8pm – and now I don’t have access to the service deli.”

But many other Facebook users thought it was a good move for Woolworths employees.

“There’s absolutely no point in keeping the deli open until the store closes given how long it takes to clean,” said one.

“They made that decision because the last hour sales just aren’t there,” he added.

“They run a business, not a public service.”

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