Coles shopper runs out of store yelling after man trades at checkout

Coles shopper runs out of store yelling after man trades at checkout

A Coles customer has revealed how she “broke down in tears” and “ran” from her local shop after the unexpected actions of another shopper.

On Reddit, the customer shared how nervous she was when she couldn’t afford to pay her grocery bill at the checkout due to an unexpected vet bill.

As she worked with the cashier to return items so she could afford to take some of the items home, she noticed a man waiting in line behind her.

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“I went to Coles and my calculations were wrong — I had spent $2 more than I had,” she explained.

“I’m in really bad shape financially after an emergency vet visit this week. A nice guy who was giving off big dad vibes watched me as I struggled to decide what to take off the shopping list.

“He was standing in line behind me with what appeared to be a single apple. I kept apologizing for spending so much time at the checkout to the cashier returning things once we reached the correct amount my card declined.

File image of a Coles store. Recognition: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

“I checked my bank, I had a few bucks more than I had but found my card was blocked after a shitty week (this had happened before).”

Growing concerned that she was keeping him waiting while she worked through the situation, the customer told the Coles cashier that she needed to return some of her items.

“Mysterious Cole’s Stranger”

But then the “mysterious Coles stranger” stepped in and made her day.

“I stood there and apologized profusely that she had to put away $114 worth of groceries. All cheap, discounted stuff, so there was quite a lot of that,” she said.

“The guy looked at my stack of toilet paper and cat food, instant noodle cleaner, etc. and just told me not to worry.

“I was confused and he proceeded to PAY FOR MY FOOD. I thanked him, his response was typically Aussie: “Don’t worry, it’s nothing.” I kept asking if he was sure.

“Then I burst into tears and he looked even more uncomfortable. Absolute gem of a man. I was embarrassed and crying so I ran from there.

“Didn’t even think of asking for his contact details to pay him back, rude. He didn’t follow me outside, didn’t push for information, literally just paid and that was it.”

The Coles shopper shared this post about the “mysterious stranger” who helped her. Recognition: Reddit

The woman decided to share her story publicly to spread the word about the “stranger’s” kind actions.

“I know he won’t be on Reddit but just wanted to remind you that despite the crappy drivers, crappy neighbors and birds screaming their lungs out every morning, Sydney is a beautiful city with some amazing people . ” She added.

“I will have food until my card problem is solved, I can feed my cats and have nothing to worry about this weekend. Thanks to a stranger. He spared me my great fear and I’m just so grateful.”

Other Reddit users were stunned by the man’s actions.

“Thank you for sharing your story. For those who have pets, vet bills can be excruciatingly painful and a nasty shock. One day things are going well and the next you know your pets need a night or two that will make thousands of dollars instantly,” one said.

“Also, I love what this guy did (I suppose) not for social media likes etc – almost a rarity in this day and age.”

Another added: “That was me on both sides, just painful human decency. Give yourself some faith in humanity.”

Write another one: “Feel good story of the day. Some people just don’t realize how hard life can be at times.

“They live in their isolated bubbles, unaware of the struggles of the everyday cobbers and cobberettes around them.

“It’s heartening to know that there are still some good Samaritans left in the world.”

A Coles spokesman said the supermarket welcomes customer kindness.

“We love hearing stories about our customers and team members who go above and beyond to make life easier for shoppers in our stores,” the spokesperson told

“You never know what might happen in someone else’s life, and moments of kindness like this remind us how a simple gesture can really make a difference.”

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