Qantas CEO Alan Joyce (left) has told Simeon

Alan Joyce tells angry anti-vaccination opponent to fuck off after he mugged Qantas CEO on the street

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has been ambushed on the streets of Sydney by an angry anti-vaccination activist who said he was a “grub” and a “disgrace” for enforcing a vaccination mandate for his staff during the height of the Covid pandemic .

Pro-Putin activist Simoen Boikov smiled as he greeted Mr Joyce and asked if they could take a picture as they walked side by side down George Street.

Mr Joyce wraps his arm around the outspoken anti-vaccination opponent and smiles for the photograph, but mood quickly sours as Mr Boikov confronts the Qantas boss about the company’s vaccination orders while he captures the moment on video.

Mr Boikov, also known as the Australian Cossack, told the CEO he was a “mouth” and a disgrace” for introducing a vaccination mandate for Qantas employees in August 2021 that also applied to Jetstar.

“You kept your workers from work. They discriminate on medical grounds. They discriminate against the unvaccinated,” Mr. Boikov tells him.

“Do you like doing that? Do you enjoy picking on people?’ Mr Joyce answers.

“I don’t pick on people. You pick people, mate. I’m calling you out, mate,” replies the Australian Cossack.

Mr. Joyce tells him to fuck off and walks faster down the town street.

Mr Boikov warns him that the clip will be uploaded to his YouTube channel and asks if that’s how he treats people who complain.

‘Do it. You’re the shame of approaching someone who’s just walking down the street,” replies the CEO.

“You are not someone, you are a pig,” says Mr. Boikov.

“Oh fuck off,” replies an annoyed Mr. Joyce.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce (left) has told Simeon “Aussie Cossack” Boikov (right) to piss off amid a heated argument over Covid vaccinations

Viewers were quick to support the Qantas CEO in the comments.

“Well done Alan you just earned my respect,” one person wrote.

“He’s a CEO, let him go, he’s got a job to do like everyone else,” said another.

“Well said Alan Joyce, more people should tell him the same!” divided a third.

“Alan Joyce won the pub test,” commented a fourth.

Mr Boikov, who has become known for his wild online antics, was jailed in June for breaking court orders by naming an alleged paedophile during an anti-Vaxxer rally.

In video taken while he was being paroled in September, he said: “I’m not going to stop, I’m going to double down.”

Mr Boikov did not say what he wanted to “double down” but likely meant his support for Russia, Putin, the invasion of Ukraine and anti-vax views.

He said the staff had three months to get stung in August 2021

Mr Boikov told the CEO he was a “disgrace” for not allowing unvaccinated employees to go to work after employees were given three months in August 2021 to be bitten

Pro-Russian patriot Simeon Boikov (pictured) confronts Mr Joyce in the street

The Qantas boss walked down George Street in Sydney's CBD to ask why the airline was enforcing a vaccination mandate

Pro-Russian patriot (left) Simeon Boikov confronted Mr Joyce (right) as he walked down George Street in Sydney’s CBD to ask why the airline had enforced a vaccination mandate

In August 2021, Qantas announced plans to make Covid vaccinations mandatory for all employees given three months to get vaccinated.

Frontline workers such as cabin crew, pilots and airport workers had until November 15 to receive a dose of the vaccine, while the remaining workers had until the end of March.

The airline said the decision to make Covid vaccinations mandatory for staff was made “as part of the national carrier’s commitment to safety”.

The mandate came after a survey was presented to 22,000 Qantas and Jetstar employees to get their views on mandatory vaccinations.

Of the 12,000 employees who responded to the survey, 89 percent said they had already been stung or booked one.

A survey of Qantas customers at the time found that 92 percent of airline crews expected to be vaccinated.

In August 2021, Qantas announced plans to make Covid vaccinations mandatory for all employees given three months to get stabbed (pictured a Qantas plane).

In August 2021, Qantas announced plans to make Covid vaccinations mandatory for all employees given three months to get stabbed (pictured a Qantas plane).

At the time, Mr Joyce said a fully vaccinated workforce will not only protect employees from the virus, but also their customers and the communities they fly to.

“A crew member can fly to multiple cities and come into contact with thousands of people in a single day,” said the CEO.

“Given the potential for this virus to spread, making sure they’re vaccinated is so important and I think it’s the kind of safety leadership that people would expect from us.”

Qantas became the second major Australian employer to announce mandatory vaccinations for all of its employees.

Earlier that month, food maker SPC became the first company to make a Covid-19 vaccine mandatory for all workers and visitors to its site.

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