Bulk purchases will help you save money on household cleaning products

Your local grocery store may offer discounts every now and then, but if you really want to save on cleaning supplies, it’s wise to buy in bulk.

To help you, we’ve found the cleaning supplies that can be found in every closet and are cheaper if you buy them in bulk. Your house will be looking pristine and shiny in no time at all at a fraction of the cost – if you’re lucky you might even enjoy cleaning it.

NOTE: Prices are correct at the time of publication.

Toilet flushing block cleaner with a short change of scent, green apple and water lily

For most, cleaning is their least favorite task, and at the bottom of that list is the dreaded toilet cleaning. If you fall into this category, don’t worry, you can let the letter sink do some of the cleaning for you. Get a 50g six-pack for $10 from Amazon versus a $6 single pack from Coles or a $10 two-pack from Woolies — that’s a savings of up to 66 percent.

Dettol refreshing hand sanitizer

With COVID still raging, it’s smart to have hand sanitizer on hand. Instead of buying a small one every time, you can save a lot of money by buying a larger quantity and refilling those small bottles. This 5 liter Dettol hand sanitizer is $1.53 per 100ml cheaper than the big supermarkets – and when you have 5 liters to play with, the savings add up.

Get an additional 10% discount on the 5 liter bottle when you subscribe to automatic deliveries on Amazon.

Curash unscented baby wipes

It feels like there are never enough baby wipes in a house to prepare for all the chaos the little tyke can wreak. This bulk pack of Curash, totaling 640 wipes (or eight x 80 packs), can be yours for $22 — that’s three cents a wipe, saving $1.58 per pack compared to the supermarkets.

Get an additional 10% discount on the 8 x 80 packs of wipes when you subscribe to automatic deliveries on Amazon.

Quilton 3 Ply Toilet Paper

Now that the COVID toilet paper craze has continued, we can finally buy it again whenever we need it. If you want to keep that supply going, this 45-pack of 3-ply Quilton paper costs 55 cents a roll, that’s a saving of up to 53 cents a roll compared to the big supermarkets.

Get an additional 10% off the Quilton 45 Pack when you subscribe to Amazon’s Automatic Deliveries.

Ready-to-use rinse aid normal liquid, 500 ml

Keep your dishes clean with a triple 500ml pack of Finish Rinse Aid for $13. That’s up to $1.44 per 100ml cheaper than the regular supermarket chains.

Dettol antibacterial wipes

The cleanliness of your surfaces – especially your cooking areas – makes the environment much more hygienic. And when you have 480 antibacterial wipes at your disposal, there’s no excuse not to keep them clean and shiny. Get Four x 120 Dettol Antibacterial Wipes from Amazon for $33.61. That’s a saving of about $3.60 per pack compared to the supermarkets.

Get an additional 10% discount on the Dettol 480 wipes when you subscribe to auto delivery on Amazon.

Johnson’s facial tissue value pack

With this three-pack of Johnson’s adult facial tissues, you can get a total of 75 tissues for $14.50 on Amazon.

Get an extra 10 percent off Johnsons triple face towels when you subscribe to auto deliveries on Amazon.

Biozet Attack detergent

No matter the size of your family or household, it feels like the laundry never ends. With this 2 liter bottle of Biozet Attack detergent you will have enough to do wash after wash and never run out. Grab a great deal on Amazon and buy this bulk buy for $12. At this price you save up to 45 percent compared to the supermarkets.

Dettol antibacterial floor cleaning wipes

Your floors and tiles are a treasure trove of nasty germs and bacteria. This six-pack of Dettol antibacterial floor cleaning wipes costs $46.95, which works out to $7.83 per pack — that’s 13 percent cheaper than packs on supermarket shelves.

Viva paper towels

Every household needs a supply of paper towels for those little spills and messes. Buying this 12-pack of Viva paper towels for $16 is a big savings compared to the supermarkets. You can save up to 34 percent per roll of paper towels when you buy in bulk on Amazon.

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Cleaning gel for car dust crevices

Dettol Liquid Hand Wash Gel Aloe Vera 250ml Pack of 6

Mr. Siga Dual Action Scrubbing Pad 6-Pack

Koh universal cleaner, 4 liters

Finish dishwashing tabs, 7-pack

Natural Plant Based Exfoliating Sponge 12 Pack

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