How to make KFC dessert style mousse and chicken donut

KFC pushes our taste buds to the limit with a new dessert-style Chocolate Mousse ‘n’ Chicken Donut.

The fast-food giant has teamed up with award-winning pastry chef Anna Polyviou to create the ultimate chicken dessert combo, fusing KFC’s velvety chocolate mousse with popcorn caramel chicken crumbles.

According to Polyviou, the result is sweet, savory and, of course, delicious.

Watch the video above.

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Anna Polyviou KFC
Anna Polyviou has teamed up with KFC to make this unusual dessert. (included)

The dessert queen shared her recipe for the wild KFC combo dish on an episode of Kentucky Fried Cookin’ on YouTube, a series in which Australian chefs have recreated iconic KFC menu items with a twist.

Previous episodes have featured Morgan Hipworth’s Popcorn Chicken Cupcakes, Dimsimlim’s Pimped Up Zinger Noodles, Mitch Orr’s Zinger Katsu Curry, Chebbo’s Chicken Tender Sandwiches, Reynold Poernomos Chicken n’ Croffle and Sarah Tiong’s Satay Kentucky Fried Chicken and Peking Duk, and Dimsimlim’s Peking Cluk Burger.

The full recipe is below:

KFC Chocolate Mousse n’ Chicken Donut Recipe:

KFC chocolate mousse and chicken donuts

For 8-10 donuts

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Rest time: 90 minutes

Total time: 2.5 hours

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Anna Polyviou KFC
The KFC donuts can be made in 15 steps. (included)



-100ml milk

-30 grams of unsalted butter

-5g dry yeast

-20g caster sugar

-180 g of plain flour

– Pinch of salt

– 1 egg

– 2L vegetable oil (to fry the donuts)

– 100g powdered sugar (to sprinkle donuts in)

– 100 g flour (for dusting your work surface)


– 50 g popcorn chicken, finely chopped

– 50 g caster sugar


– 1X 95g KFC Double Chocolate Mousse

Anna Polyviou KFC
The result is a chocolate and chicken dessert. (included)

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1. In a saucepan, heat the milk with the butter over low heat until the butter has melted. (Don’t let it get too hot!)

2. Remove from heat and stir in the dry yeast, then let sit for 5 minutes.

3. Place your dry ingredients in an electric mixer fitted with the dough attachment (it looks like a hook).

4. Gradually add your liquids, then add your egg.

5. Allow the dough to develop in the machine on medium speed for about 10-12 minutes.

6. Place the dough in a lightly greased bowl and cover with cling film or cloth. Leave at room temperature for about an hour to double.

7. Once the dough has risen (aka fully rested), dust some flour over your work surface. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin to about 2 cm thick.

8. Use a cutter about 8cm round to cut out your donuts. Leave them covered with a cloth for another 30 minutes.

9. Heat vegetable oil in a saucepan or deep fryer to 180°C. Lay your donuts in two at a time and let them color for 2-3 minutes before repeating on the other side.

10. Place on a paper towel and allow the oil to absorb briefly before tossing in the powdered sugar.

11. Chop your KFC Popcorn Chicken into fine pieces.

12. Heat a medium sized skillet over medium-high heat. Add powdered sugar and stir until it turns a caramel color.

13. Add your chopped KFC Popcorn Chicken. Stir into the caramelized sugar, then transfer to a tray and let cool.

coffee donuts

Tasty donuts to wrap in a lunch box


14. Once the donuts have cooled, use a piping bag to evenly fill them with KFC Double Chocolate Mousse. Below is a rough guide if you’ve never filled a donut before.

15. Top your donuts and top with KFC Popcorn Chicken.


Insert the piping bag tip through the side of the donut and into the center. Apply light pressure to the piping bag. Within a few seconds, pull the piping bag out of the donut and squirt as you go.

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