Matt Hancock bitten by scorpion on "I'm a Celebrity"

Matt Hancock bitten by scorpion on “I’m a Celebrity”

Matt Hancock was bitten by a scorpion in the latest episode of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

he former British Health Secretary didn’t have the smoothest ride in the jungle.

Hancock has been the crowd-pleaser at bushtucker trials – a fact that comes as little surprise given his resignation last year for breaking Covid-19 rules.

And now it seems even the creepy crawlies were molar-teeth ready with the British MP who was suspended by the Conservative Party earlier this month.

While Boy George sang and stretched during the Virgin Media One show tonight and other campers gathered logs, Hancock squealed in pain as a scorpion dug its stinger into his finger.

Hancock yelled, “Ow, that really hurts! I don’t have a splitter. Ouch, that really hurts… it’s like something bit me. Oh yeah! Wow, look at that, a scorpion. I was stung by a scorpion.”

Hancock told other campers how painful the bite was and that he even got “slightly dizzy”.

Boy George told the public in the Bush Telegraph, “Of all the people this could happen to, I’m not laughing.” Then the pop star cracked a grin.

Hancock was then selected to make his fifth try. “It’s been a hectic morning…I have no idea what’s coming…God my finger is killing me,” he added as he walked into his trial.

Moderator Dec asked the Tory why he thought he kept getting picked for the exams. Hancock acted like he had absolutely no idea why the public didn’t like him so much, replying, “It has to be the facial expressions.”

In the House of Horrors trial, Hancock had to maneuver his way through a giant doll’s house where he faced pigeons, spiders, snakes, crocodiles and over two million flies.

He had to dip his hands in drawers full of gunk, including molasses and offal, and rummage around the spooky, crawly-infested house.

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The politician had to rummage around in a bloody bath surrounded by a swarm of flies to try and recover a star. “I’ve got it, I’ve got it, I’ve got the star,” he finally announced.

In the last room he found snakes and despite his time in politics, the former minister admitted: “Snakes, you know I don’t like snakes. Oh my god, that’s alive!’

When one of the snakes tried to hit Matt twice, he struggled to get to his nearest star. Nonetheless, Miss Hancock, breathing rapidly, managed to keep going.

At the end of the trial, a line had pushed him into a corner. But regardless, he was confirmed to have found nine of the 11 stars on offer.

Hancock told Ant and Dec: “It wasn’t easy [task]… look at these snakes.”

He added: “I’m really, really happy with the one I got off the bed as there were snakes wrapped around it. I went in very carefully.

“I’m happy with nine, it’s not quite ‘perfect 11’. There’s enough food for Owen and everyone else.”

Hancock later told the Bush Telegraph, “Everyone was beaming and cheering, it was brilliant.”

Comedian Seann Walsh told the Bush Telegraph: “That must have been terrifying for Matt. A snake [at] eye level.”

Hancock told Camp, “I absolutely screwed myself.”

Comedian and actor Babatunde Aléshé told the Bush Telegraph, “I just gotta make him big, man, he really goes into every single process.”

Despite his baptism of fire in the jungle, the politician ended up as camp manager with BBC journalist Charlene White, his deputy.

Hancock said: “Obviously it’s a great honor and privilege to be the camp manager. I want to thank everyone who voted for me.”

Charlene said: “Does this win feel sweet, especially after you lost to Boris? Do you feel validated?” He replied, “It more than makes up for it.”

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