Dave Woodhead: The 10 Funniest Things I’ve Ever Seen (On The Internet)

TThe internet can be used for many things. It can be used to spread misinformation. It can be used to bully your classmates from the comfort of your home. Or you could buy uranium on the dark web. But it can also be a real laugh. Here are some of the funniest things I’ve seen on the internet.

1. Aunt Donna: Counter bullying

Everyone finds Aunt Donna the same way. It will be between 1am and 3am and you will not be able to fall asleep. Instead of having a cup of tea and trying to count some sheep, you decide to let the Papa Algorithm take you for a walk. After hours of reaction videos, video essays on the hidden meaning of Family Guy and conspiracy theories (I do think Avril Lavigne is a clone, for the record), you stumble across the undisputed kings of Australian sketch comedy.

While they’re pretty household names these days, with an amazing show under their belt on Netflix and an upcoming show on ABC (about damn time), the boys’ best material still lives on on their hugely successful YouTube channel. The crème de la crème, in my humble opinion, is the underrated classic Standing Up to Bullying. This is classic Aunt Donna, good ol’ nonsensical madness. Also, Broden screaming “fuck you cunt” will always get a laugh from me.

2. Gilly and Keeves: Sleep Cop

Gilly and Keeves is a sketch duo featuring standup comedians Shane Gillis and John McKeever. This sketch has a pretty simple concept: What if a police officer walked in his sleep? I think what’s brilliant about it is how they build the tension. It just keeps building and building until it reaches boiling point. Be warned, this skit gets a little red hot in content – but if you’re a true connoisseur of internet sketch comedy like me, Gilly and Keeves are definitely a treat.

3. Slingshot

Oh baby I love me a good prank. Love her with all my heart. But something happened to the internet pranks…they stopped caring about pranks, man! They became horribly acted out “social experiments” (like this Cringe classic from King Joey Salads), enticing their viewers to mutter “I’ve lost all hope in humanity” while ignoring their own children, to waste their lives meddling in Facebook fights.

But don’t be fooled: there are still some ripper pranks out there like this classic one. What really tickles me about this prank is the hopelessness you see on the man’s face as he’s being shot into the sky. He has resigned himself to his fate as his life flashes before his eyes. All his regrets, all his successes, his first love, his first heartbreak; all consume his thoughts before he is shot into the sky. You may think I’m reading too much into this seven-second video, and I say you’re not reading into it enough.

4. Fergie Cartwheeling

Fergie is the greatest artist to ever grace God’s green earth. The screaming, the one-handed cartwheels, the fact that she doesn’t do it once, not twice… But FOUR TIMES! Fergie had no reason to go to all that trouble to appear on a morning show. But thank God she did.

5. Rey Mysterio – Hero

OK, so there’s nothing funny about this video per se, but for some context: As a kid, I was a huge WWE fan (I still am). I had the action figures, I had the video games, hell, I even had the CDs with all the wrestlers’ opening tracks. Shout out to my mom for having the reluctance not to snag my copy of Wreckless Intent — if my kid played Batista’s theme song (Saliva’s classic I Walk Alone) on a 24-hour loop, I’d turn the CD player and throw my son into the ocean. But I digress. What really tickles me about this video is that the 60,000 views on this video are mostly made up of eight year olds and emotionally wasted men thinking, “Woah…this is epic.” And quite honestly, they’re not wrong. This is epic!

6. Drake Cake

drake cake pic.twitter.com/mBbtNNys4L

— crappy looking food (@fuckedupfoods) September 6, 2022

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@fuckedupfood is my favorite twitter account right now. I spend hours of my days scrolling through their site. Some of my personal favorites are the peanut butter and tomato sauce sandwich and some sausage and mashed potatoes where the mashed potatoes were made with chocolate milk. If you need confirmation that God is really dead, this Twitter account is for you.

That being said, there’s something healthy for this Drake fan trying to bake a cake inspired by Drake’s Nothing Was The Same album cover. Of course the cake looks awful and inedible, but it was made with love! And isn’t that the most important thing?

7. Boonk gear

2018 was the year of highlights. Getting an internet cloud was more important than breathing fresh air. Plenty of Punchy Chasers pulled off insane stunts in the pursuit for their 15 minutes of fame, but no Punchy Chaser could ever come close to the absolutely mind-blowing stunts Boonk pulled off. If you’ve never seen Boonk Gang before, his shtick is pretty simple: Boonk walks into a bar, steals something, and then runs off yelling “Boonk Gang, lots of gang shit”. While I personally don’t endorse any of Boonk’s actions, I’d be lying if I said I’ve never scanned apples for onions at Woolies and mumbled under my breath “a lot of gang shit”.

8. How to eat a Big Mac

Damned. This one hurts me the most. As far as we know, we’ve been eating Big Macs wrong our entire lives, and Fatboy SSE just wanted to point out our mistakes. But now we’ll never know, because just before Fatboy SSE sinks his teeth into this meaty goodness, his so-called friend smacks the burger out of his hand… a damn shame.

Also, this video is solely responsible for my era of “taking off my shirt and yelling ‘come on son'” that I had in the summer of 2018.

9. Dan Rath’s Comedy Up Late set

Standup comedy is my first and true love. I’m always going down the YouTube rabbit hole to find new comedians. But one clip I keep coming back to is Dan Rath’s Comedy Up Late Set. Rath is one of the best comics Australia has ever produced. just look at it You will not regret it.

10. The Butterfield Diet Plan

When I first saw this I was hanging out with some comics after a show. We all sat on the couch and played videos on the TV. My buddy Nick then asked a question that changed my life forever: “Have you seen the Butterfield diet?”

“No,” I replied innocently, not knowing my world was going to be turned upside down.

The writing in this sketch is crazy. No award is wasted. It just shoots jokes at you so fast it’s hard to keep up. This video is so goddamn funny I thought I was going to die when Nick did it. I thought I was going into cardiac arrest. Not to overdo the video or anything, but if you can’t see your life flashing before your eyes as you watch this, maybe comedy isn’t for you.

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