Everything you need to know about the Late Late Toy Show 2022

Everything you need to know about the Late Late Toy Show 2022

The countdown is really and truly on. On Friday November 25th, Ryan Tubridy will pull out his doddiest Christmas jumper to ring in the Christmas spirit and host The Late Late Toy Show for his 14th year.

Where to watch from and what to expect, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know ahead of Irish TV’s most magical night.

Where and when?
The Late Late toy Demonstrate will be broadcast on Friday 25 November at 21:35 on RTÉ One and RTÉ Player.

Living abroad?
Don’t worry, this year’s show is available to watch live worldwide on RTÉ Player on both desktop and app.

What is the theme?
As always, The Late Late Toy Show‘s subject matter is RTÉ’s best kept secret, with not even a hint given to the public until the big set reveal, which takes place the day before the show.

In the past, creators have drawn inspiration from popular children’s stories inspired by Disney hits such as The jungle Book and The Lion King and the imaginary stories from the wonderful world of Roald Dahl.

So far, our presenter has not only dressed up in very colorful sweaters, but also dressed up as such (deep breath): Willy Wonka out Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory; woody out toy story; Santa’s Helpers; Bert out Mary Poppins; Caractacus Potts out Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; light off Beauty and the Beast; baloo out The jungle Book; a toy soldier The Nutcracker; Sebastian out The little mermaid; the ringmaster The greatest showman; Olaf out Frozen; Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox; and Timon out The Lion King.

What toys are featured?
Toys were kindly sent in by toy retailers from across the country and demonstrated by children The Late Late Toy Show will be donated to charities across the country in time for Christmas. A list of featured toys will be available on the show’s website www.rte.ie/lifestyle after the broadcast.

The allure of the toy fair
The Toy Show Appeal is back for the third year in a row and has captured the hearts of viewers at home and around the world. Last year, an unbelievable 6,601,895 million euros was raised, viewers from 150 countries watched.

Donations can be made via www.rte.ie/toyshowappeal and this year we are delighted to welcome proceeds via the Donations tab in the Revolut app, which will go live tonight.

who will be there
Ryan and his army of toy testers will return to RTÉ One to discover the magic of the show toys to all corners of the country and unveil the trendiest new toys of the year.

Famous faces are an integral part of this annual show. Whether it’s Dermot Bannon or Davy Fitz, it’s always amazing to see a child’s face light up at the sight of their favorite personality.

Ed Sheeran was a decent surprise too.

Getting personal celebrity surprises during the pandemic hasn’t been an easy task, but the team at show toys are a very smart bunch.

Despite the restrictions, they managed to get Dermot Kennedy on stage with superfan Michael Moloney for a spectacular performance Giants.

Not only that, they also managed to use the power of technology wisely and organize a very special video message for them Rock is the best medicine Singer Noah from U2’s The Edge.

Really, but no celebrity stands a chance of stealing the limelight from the real stars of the night: the kids.

Kids from across the country stepped up to become performers, entertainers and toy testers — and they always maintain their place as fan favorites. Who could forget watch enthusiast John-Joe Brennan? Or Sophia Maher, who spoke about her experiences with bullying?

Children are an essential ingredient in the magic of this show.

RTE social media
The Late Late Toy Show The excitement begins live on social media with cutting-edge backstage updates and the show’s biggest moments on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

To join the fun, follow #LateLateToyShow #TotallyWorthIt, @LateLateRTE on Instagram, @RTELateLateShow on Twitter, @TheLateLateShow on Facebook, and @latelaterte on TikTok.

When did it all start?
The Late Late Toy Show began in 1975 as a half-hour slot at the end The Late Late Show to give parents across Ireland some Christmas gift ideas while their children sleep.

It quickly grew into a one-night show in its own right, complete with toy testers and children’s performers.

The mantle was first presented by Gay Byrne and passed to Pat Kenny in 1999, who remained in the position for 10 years. The current presenter is Ryan Tubridy, who took over in 2009.

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Sadly, Gay Bryne passed away in 2019 at the age of 85 after a long illness. Speaking of Gay’s legacy as a broadcaster and national treasure, Tubridy says we owe a lot to the original show toys Host:

“It all started with Gay and on the night of the toy fair, Gay turned into Uncle Gaybo for the nation,” he says. “I remember sitting down myself and watching him at home and the excitement of seeing this Toy Show man in action.”

“Gay made the show in the ’70s — and since then it’s taken on that near-mythic status as the one show of the year that just can’t be missed.”

Gay Bryne
Gay Byrne and Dustin in the toy show The Late Late (1997). Image courtesy of RTÉ Archives.

Who tunes in?
Last year’s show was a huge success, with an average of 1.8 million viewers tuning in throughout the weekend, making it one of the most successful television shows on a single channel in Ireland.

The annual Christmas spectacle is a must for the whole family. According to a survey published by Jurys Inn, 40% of Irish millennials say they look at the show toys as a founding review of their youth.

Basically the show toys is something for almost everyone – even Russell Crowe likes to tune in!

Packed with incredible characters, dazzling performances, amazing surprise guests (and a set of Ryan’s Christmas sweaters), everyone is invited to be a part of this phenomenal night when Christmas really begins.

So let’s all look at it together.

The Late Late toy Demonstrate will be broadcast on RTÉ One on Friday 25 November at 21:35.

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