Coronation Street tunes by Stephen Reid drink Spiking Twist

Coronation Street tunes by Stephen Reid drink Spiking Twist

Coronation Street spoilers to follow.

Coronation Street aired a Stephen Reid Drink Spiking Twist.

Twisted Stephen manipulates Audrey Roberts in hopes of getting her money while facing extreme financial difficulties.

On Tuesday’s (November 29) episode, Stephen secretly began delivering food for local restaurant Six Fellas and his first drop was for Drake.

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After Drake mocked him for becoming a food delivery man, Stephen angrily called Six Fellas and demanded that they fill their job.

The consequences of this decision hit Stephen immediately as he recalled promising to pay Audrey to take a cruise with Sam.

Stephen tried not to have to pay for Sam by trying to convince Nick that Audrey had started drinking again. Nick insisted the holiday had to go on, which left Stephen concerned.

The schemer hit a new low by stealing Audrey’s antidepressants and then crushing them with Audrey before lunch at the bistro.

When Audrey excused himself to the loo, Stephen had the opportunity to give her a drink but was distracted by a phone call from Gabrielle announcing that she had canceled his car contract!


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Sarah then approached Stephen to ask for a ride after lunch as the walls began to close in on the imposter. Audrey soon returned and was about to take a sip of the spiked drink when Stephen changed his mind and tipped it over.

After lunch Stephen felt he had no choice but to book the £3,000 cruise only to see his car impounded in the middle of the road.

Stephen went for a run instead of dropping Sarah off at their meeting. As Sarah made her way to the tram stop, she saw Stephen’s car being towed away and wondered if it had broken down.

Is Stephen finally about to get caught?

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