On Coronation Street, Summer and Billy get tense after news of the pregnancy

On Coronation Street, Summer and Billy get tense after news of the pregnancy

Coronation Street spoilers to follow.

Coronation Street has some tension between Summer Spellman and Billy Mayhew next week following the surprise news of Summer’s pregnancy.

In tonight’s episode (October 19) it is revealed that Summer is pregnant. Billy hears from Paul that Summer is pregnant after accidentally missing the news.

In scenes airing next week, Summer tells her boyfriend Aaron that she has an appointment with Dr. Gaddas has agreed as she does not intend to proceed with the pregnancy. However, after seeing the doctor, Summer admits that she can’t help but be upset.


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New arrival Esther tells Summer that since they cannot conceive, she and her husband Mike could adopt the baby. When she learns of the planned termination, Esther Summer offers money to change her mind.

It doesn’t take long for Billy to show up. He is horrified to learn of Esther’s intentions and orders her to leave.

Billy then tells Summer that he disapproves of abortion, and an angry Summer goes to her room.

Not wanting Summer to feel isolated during this difficult time, Todd talks to Billy and tells him he needs to support Summer. Will Billy take Todd’s advice?

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Earlier, actress Harriet Bibby said of Paul, Todd and Billy’s different parenting styles and approaches to Summer’s pregnancy: “Paul finds everything out first and he’s probably the most understanding father in the sense that he sees her as a young woman and he doesn’t worried about her all the time, unlike Billy.

“But then Todd and Billy find out and it’s like panic wards, it’s kind of the opposite reaction, it’s all we need to make a decision.

“They want to find out everything now, rather than put up with it and let them make a decision in their own time.”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV and streams on the ITV Hub.

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