The new buds from Sennheiser deliver clear TV sound

The new buds from Sennheiser deliver clear TV sound

Sennheiser TVClear

Price: €399

Where to buy: Sennheiser

Why do you need the Sennheiser TV Clear earphones? If you must ask, consider yourself lucky. Maybe you have perfect hearing or flatmates who could sleep under the main approach lane to Dublin Airport. Stranger things have happened.

But for those of us who need a little extra help, these earbuds might just be what you’re looking for. Sennheiser TV Clear does exactly what the name suggests: makes your TV’s sound clearer, but only for you. You can blow the TV as loud as you like via the earbuds while reducing the volume on the TV speakers to a whisper. They’re the perfect compromise for busy households or gauzy walls.

You can blow the TV as loud as you like via the earbuds while reducing the volume on the TV speakers to a whisper

The device is also easy to set up. The TV Clear kit is connected to your TV via a transmitter box and an optical cable. A USB port powers the box, so make sure you have a free outlet or USB port nearby.

However, it is not limited to optical connections. You can also connect them to smartphone, tablet, laptop or Bluetooth if you mainly watch TV there.

The earphones are charged in the wireless case provided by Sennheiser, which in turn can be charged with a cable – USB C, of ​​course – or with a wireless charger.

As with most ear tips these days, there are custom tips that can be swapped out to give you the best possible fit. The buds themselves are light, but the wrong tip could cause them to fall out of your ears – not what you want when your TV show reaches a dramatic climax.

When it comes to music, don’t expect the Sennheiser buds to do as well as the regular consumer Bluetooth devices

One of the most useful features is that the earbuds work regardless of the media volume. So if you mute the TV or turn it down a little, the audio on the earbuds won’t be affected.

To control the volume there, you’ll need to use the touch controls on the earbuds. A short press will increase or decrease the volume depending on which bud you clicked. These controls are customizable to a degree in the accompanying smartphone app, although you can do without your smartphone as well.

The main goal here is to boost the vocals. So don’t expect the Sennheiser buds to do as good a job when it comes to music as the regular consumer Bluetooth devices. They’re not the worst-sounding earbuds we’ve heard – far from it. But if you want something that will handle your music and deliver rich, detailed sound, the TV Clear has done enough for your family entertainment.

The good

The TV Clear does a good job of elevating vocals to a level that can be heard over even the worst of normal background noise. In this test, they deal with the family noise of three boisterous children without drowning out a single word on TV.

You can completely mute the TV without affecting the volume of the earbuds, making sure you can hear what’s going on on screen without forcing it on others. They’re also comfortable to wear, and the interchangeable tips and wings to allow the buds to fit your ear add security.

The not so good

The Sennheiser TV Clear may be Bluetooth earbuds, but don’t expect them to perform as well as Sennheiser’s other buds on other types of audio. Music, for example, feels a bit flat, but Sennheiser doesn’t pitch these as an all-round device.

These earbuds are pretty expensive, especially if you’re keeping them for TV, maybe with an odd podcast or two thrown in.

The rest

The buds charging case is lightweight and has the advantage of working with the standard wireless charger, so you don’t even have to think about charging your phone. Battery life is around 16 hours, giving you plenty of time to watch – and listen.

The judgment:

A solution to your television problems, albeit an expensive one.

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