Home and away spoilers - Tane and Flick's hen party is coming

Home and away spoilers – Tane and Flick’s hen party is coming

Coming up this week home and away In Australia, Felicity makes one last attempt to get Cash to admit his feelings for Eden while Bree confronts Jacob.

With just a week away from the 2022 home-away season finale, things are in full swing in Summer Bay as the final preparations are made for Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and Tane’s (Ethan Browne) wedding.

Last week, Flick finally made a decision about her wedding dress – bridesmaid Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) teamed up with Cash to track down the villain who stole the dresses from her van.

She later began learning her vows in Maori, a task assisted by Tane’s best man, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo).

Hearing from Nik that Flick was genuinely trying to honor Tane’s legacy, he got Tane to think about Flick’s own roots.

With Flick being a born and raised country girl who admitted she never thought she would live to see the day she would have a beach wedding, Tane managed to scout a country venue at the last minute.

This week it’s time for the celebrations to kick off with Hen’s and Buck’s Nights, but Flick seems more interested in making the night all about Cash and Eden.

Flick’s brother and his best friend have been in a will-they/won’t-they situation for what feels like an eternity. Eden is totally ready for them to explore their feelings, but Cash refuses to try them – after all, his recent relationship just ended and he and Eden have never made it work in the past .

But while the chemistry between the two continues to simmer, Flick is determined to bring them together. She cut her off just before a kiss last week, and now she’s convinced her brother does have feelings for Eden after all.

While Eden has organized Feliciy’s bachelorette party on a karaoke bus, Flick decides to host the celebrations at a certain nightclub, where she knows Tane’s Buck’s Night is being held.

Eden is confused as to why Flick is heading straight for that particular club, until she spots Tane and the rest of the boys… including Cash.

Tane is surprised by the appearance of his future brideespecially considering he was about to drink from one of her stilettos on Nik’s orders– but it should be an evening together!

However, Eden sees it’s no coincidence as Flick fakes her surprise.

don’t play dumb‘ Eden tells her. “You did this to get me and Cash in a room together!

Felicity tells her to relax and just see where the night takes her.

“I really think you and my brother have a chance.” She explains. “What do you have to lose?”

Nik is in top form as best man when he gives an impromptu speech telling Tane how proud his late brothers Ari and Mikaere would be of how far he’s come.

Flick is particularly touched by the sharpness of his words.

Nik’s speech is so powerfulJacqui told Yahoo Lifestyle. “It’s the first time she really feels part of the family and realizes how everyone in the Parata family really welcomes her with open arms.

Cash wonders if Eden’s plan was to bring the two parties together to ambush him and force him to admit his feelings for her.

Eden hasn’t done any such thing, however, and she turns to drinking while trying to hide her embarrassment.

The night takes an unexpected turn when Eden falls off the stage and hits his head. Cash quickly helps and eventually accompanies her home and to bed.

Although sorry that her friend was hurt, the situation does bring some hope to Flick.

Flick is super excited about this turn of events,‘ Jacqui continued. “She believes Cash will now come to her aid and be her knight in shining armor. Eden will realize this and they will live happily ever after.

But given the fragile state of Cash and Eden’s friendship, will their interference do more harm than good?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Bree’s worst nightmares come true when her unwelcome husband Jacob (Alex Williams) reappears.

After working up the courage to report his abuse to the police, Jacob is currently on bail and has been served with an AVO.

After hearing that Jacob hadn’t turned up for work in WAand later learned that their joint bank account had been wiped outConcerned that Jacob was on his way back to Summer Bay, Bree refused to leave the motel.

While her new boyfriend Remi (Adam Rowland) has been trying to convince her to stay with him, she is determined not to put him in danger.

But when the couple decides to throw caution to the wind and go on a very public date, little do they know that Jacob is there to witness.

Draw’s first feeling is relief that Bree is empowered to take steps to break free of the toxic relationship.Adam Rowland to TV Week.

The date, albeit fraught with danger, is special to him. The woman he falls in love with wants to be with him.

Later, when Bree opens the motel room door, she is shocked to see Jacob standing there.

are you expecting someone else“Jacob asks coldly before making his way into the room.

When Remi appears, Jacob manages to overpower him and ties him to a chair, where he gives Bree a chilling ultimatum.

Jacob brandishes a hammer and tells Bree that he will ruin Draw’s passion and livelihood if she doesn’t leave Summer Bay for good by smashing his fingers.

He just thinks, ‘Whatever you do, don’t turn the hammer on Bree.’“Adam continued. “‘Smash both of my hands – I don’t care – but please don’t hurt her!‘”

Will the pair manage to escape Jacob’s clutches?

The total for the money raised by Summer Bays Golf Classic is finally out.

Last week, residents took part in the tournament organized by Marilyn (Emily Symons) and Roo (Georgie Parker) to raise money for the town’s community kitchen, which Marilyn, Roo and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) helped to set up.

The plan was to raise $40,000 so the charity could buy a new food truck, and everyone is hopeful after the event’s huge success, despite Justin’s (James Stewart) scandalous sabotage of John’s golf cart, disqualifying the team.

While Roo is happy to announce that earnings have totaled a whopping $35,000, Marilyn is upset.

Her heart was set on the charity being able to get the food truck right away, and she sees the fact that they’re short on $5,000 as a huge disappointment.

Roo does her best to comfort a distraught Marilyn, but she refuses to listen and later tells Alf (Ray Meagher) that she failed in the communal kitchen the same way she failed with her long-lost daughter Heather (Sofia Nolan).

Will an anonymous donation save the day…?

Here are the full spoilers for this week home and away Consequences in Australia:

Monday November 21 (Episode 7937)

Can Dean and Ziggy solve their problems? Are two parts better than one? Felicity is playing with fire.

Tuesday, November 22 (Episode 7938)

Felicity’s plan works. Theo ponders his future with Kirby. Marilyn is unhappy with the results of the golf tournament.

Wednesday November 23 (Episode 7939)

Theo tells Kirby about his past. Can Rose accept Xander and Stacey’s relationship? Roo and Marilyn receive an anonymous donation.

Thursday, November 24 (Episodes 7940-7942)

Bree has a new life. Rose plants the seeds of doubt. Roo sends good news from town.

Rose’s olive branch becomes a competition. Theo gets his first taste of fandom. Bree’s worst nightmare comes to life.

Kirby goes with her gut. Rose sweats in Stacey’s good books. Remi faces Jacob’s vengeful wrath.

With Neighbors expected to return to screens in the second half of 2023, how will the producers bring back a show whose ending is so fresh in viewers’ minds?

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