Vogue Williams stunned by Joanne McNally's christening mistake

Vogue Williams stunned by Joanne McNally’s christening mistake

VOGUE Williams was speechless over Joanne McNally’s christening mistake.

Born in Howth, she is married to her Made In Chelsea husband Spencer Matthews and they have three children together – Theodore, Gigi and Otto.


Vogue Williams’ baby Otto was christened last SundayPhoto credit: Getty Images – Getty
Vogue Williams revealed that Joanne McNally did not show up for the ceremony


Vogue Williams revealed that Joanne McNally did not show up for the ceremony

Baby Otto was christened last Sunday.

Vogue spoke candidly about the catastrophic incidents that transpired on that particular day.

On her podcast with Joanne McNally, My Therapist Ghosted Me, she explained, “The beautiful Joanne was godmother, which is a very important part of the church.

“We were all ready to go and Joanne was busy beforehand so she wanted to visit us at church.

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“We did the hike across the bridge, it was an 11 minute walk and we all walked over together.”

The moderator revealed how Otto first got on the missing persons list.

The model said: “Somehow my mother, Gina and Megan (the other godmother) and Otto disappeared. They went to three churches and ended up on King’s Road so they had to get a taxi back.

“It started at 20 past one. Otto was only there at 25 to 2. I wouldn’t say the priest was full of smiles so I literally had a breakdown like ‘Where’s Otto?’. Then Otto came and I thought ”Where’s Joanne?”

“I was too nervous anyway, the vicar got mad that we were a little late so we went straight in to start the service and I was like, ‘Joanne will show up now – she knew it was 20 past one was.”

Vogue then explained how Joanne failed to show up and commit to her godmother duties.

She said: “Well, my child was abandoned. He was abandoned and I really don’t even know why.

“That little witch. I left the church after the service and who is there but Joanne.

“She wasn’t in church. She missed all the stuff!”


The comedian tried to redeem herself by telling her side of the story.

Joanne explained: “I’ll tell you what happened. The day was a bit messed up.

“I had a performance the night before, there was a lot to do. I had to get up and pack at dawn that Sunday.

“I had a botox appointment this morning. Very important, obviously, to keep up my career in showbiz so I can buy Otto gifts – the only reason I work.”

Vogue took a swipe, saying: “I loved what you got him for his christening. Oh wait actually, he didn’t get anything.”

Joanne replied: “Anyway – I’m shocked at how bad I am at packing. I was sitting next door [to the botox place]I had a glass of wine I won’t lie.


“I was around the corner and positioned myself very well for my glass. Got up to find I had no passport, opened my bag and I had no pajamas, no jacket – nothing.”

The podcaster tried to pin some of the blame on Vogue.

Joanne said: “I had to run back and — Vogue, I’ll say it’s not your fault, but Vogue is always light on details.

“Vogue never mentioned that at the christening, I forgot that if you’re one of the godparents you have to waterboard the baby.

“Anyway, look, I missed the baptism.”

The Dublin native was nervous about watching Vogue when she realized she’d missed the entire ceremony.


Joanne explained: “But I took an Uber back to me and got all the stuff I needed and took an Uber back to the church and of course this message came from Vogue – it’s so scary, it’s like a mother.

“She says, ‘What happened?’ I said, ‘Oh no, she’s outside! I’m in a cab around the corner,’ and she said, ‘It’s over now’.”

Vogue didn’t think Joanne’s apology was valid, but wasn’t too upset with her.

She said, “Any normal person would have received the passport after baptism.

“Then she saunters down to lunch and enjoys sitting at the table in a cozy and airy place. She couldn’t have gotten the pass then? No?”

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“People were like, ‘Are you mad at Joanne?’ and I said, “Well, no, I don’t know her, it’s Joanne. What’s the point?”

Joanne replied: “It’s not like I’ve had a good time! I was up the walls, I had a mild panic attack on the back of an Uber.”

Joanne McNally tried to explain why she didn't come to Otto's christening


Joanne McNally tried to explain why she didn’t come to Otto’s christeningCredit: 3

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