14 Coronation Street spoilers for next week

14 Coronation Street spoilers for next week

Coronation Street spoilers to follow.

Next weeks Coronation Street Stephen will have a bad accident while Summer will miscarry.

Meanwhile, Nick receives an offer from Harvey.

Here’s a look at 14 big moments to come.

1. Stephen gets a new job


As his money worries mount, Stephen is delighted when he receives an email inviting him to interview for a consulting position. However, his hopes are dashed after an unsuccessful meeting with employer Drake.

Later, when Stephen is offered a job delivering fast food, he has no choice but to take it.

Stephen’s first delivery brings him face to face with Drake, who taunts Stephen about his new job. Embarrassed, Stephen calls the delivery company and quits.

2. Stephen tries to drug Audrey

Stephen Reid, Coronation Street


Plans for Audrey and Sam’s cruise are still afoot, but Stephen tries to derail things by fooling Nick that Audrey is drinking again. He is frustrated when Nick insists the vacation will go ahead.

Stephen quickly puts a plan into action and steals Audrey’s antidepressants from her purse. He invites Nick and Audrey over for drinks to talk about the cruise and crushes the pills into a powder.

As Audrey goes to the bathroom, Stephen takes out the crushed pills. Will Stephen drug his own mother?

3. Stephen has an accident

Stephen Reid, Coronation Street


Stephen suffers another setback when Gabrielle reveals that she canceled his car contract just as Sarah is asking Stephen for a ride.

Under increasing pressure, Stephen calls the fast food agency and asks for his job back.

Back at work, Stephen is attacked by a gang of teenagers who steal his delivery box and work phone and demand money.

Spotting Elaine, Stephen tries to make a hasty escape, but loses control of his moped and ends up across the street.

4. Summer and Aaron decide to move

aaron, esther, summer wizard, coronation street


Summer returns to the apartment to find Aaron with his father, Eric. Eric is determined to give up alcohol, but wonders how Summer and Aaron could afford to send him to rehab. The couple pretends to have borrowed the money from Billy.

Later, Summer insists that Billy can’t find out anything about the baby and that they must move away until the baby is born.

5. Summer suffers a miscarriage

summer wizard, aaron, coronation street


Summer and Aaron reveal to Mike and Esther that they plan to move away. When Esther finds out about her plan, she invites Summer to move in with her and Mike. Summer realizes it’s the perfect solution to her problem and accepts.

Summer and Aaron are horrified to learn from Jacob that Eric has been drinking. Summer and Aaron rush home and Aaron confronts his father.

Suddenly, Summer feels pain and starts bleeding. She is later devastated to discover that she has suffered a miscarriage.

6. Summer is caught in a lie

aaron, summer wizard, mike, esther hargrave, coronation street


When Summer receives a text message from Esther telling her how excited they are that she’s moving in, Summer can’t tell Esther the truth.

Suspicions about Summer’s health grow when she is in pain at work and Carla and Sarah send her home. Billy calls the apartment to check in, but Summer lies that she’s fine.

Meanwhile, after another drunken incident, Aaron manages to convince Eric to return to rehab and breaks the news to Summer.

Later, Mike and Esther reveal that they redecorated the guest room for Summer. When Esther puts her hand on Summer’s stomach, Summer is overwhelmed and storms out. Will she tell the truth?

7. Nick receives a tempting offer

nick tilsley, coronation street


As their dreams of buying the bistro seem unlikely, Nick and Leanne are ready to accept defeat. However, during Sam’s final visit to Harvey’s, Nick is stunned when Harvey reveals he has cash – and he wants Nick to spend it on the bistro.

As Nick ponders Harvey’s offer, he’s relieved to learn that Debbie will accept her original offer for the bistro after all and that he doesn’t need Harvey’s money.

Nick and Leanne celebrate the deal, but their happiness is short-lived when they discover the place is infested with dry rot.

8. Nick finds a solution to her money problem

nick tilsley, leanne battersby, coronation street


Nick gets a call from Harvey informing him the offer is still up. With the cost of removing dry rot adding to the cost of their purchase, Nick considers Harvey’s offer.

Leanne has a solution of his own and suggests Sam could let her use the money he inherited from Natasha, but Sam insists he use the money to pay his college tuition.

Nick later lies to Leanne that he was in touch with Natasha’s sister and she signed the papers so they could use Sam’s inheritance.

9. Eileen has a misconception about Todd and Laurence

Eileen Grimshaw, Coronation Street


Dylan admits to Todd that Sean hasn’t left him alone since Laurence broke up and it’s starting to annoy him. Todd urges Sean to keep trying to smooth things over with Laurence. However, Sean leaves a rude message on Laurence’s phone.

A drunk Laurence arrives at The Rovers and confides in Todd Sean’s message, admitting he still cares a lot about his ex.

Later, Todd tries to help Laurence into a cab, but when Eileen sees the couple together, she gets the wrong end of the stick.

10. Sean fears he ruined things with Laurence

Laurence, Sean Tully, Coronation Street


Sean is furious upon learning of Todd’s encounter with Laurence, and Todd’s attempts to defend himself are ignored.

Meanwhile, Laurence turns to Sean to make things right and is stunned when Sean accuses him of sleeping with Todd.

Sean later learns from Daisy that Todd is telling the truth and realizes he has ruined his chances with Laurence forever.

11. Ken is torn between Wendy and Martha

Martha, Ken Barlow, Coronation Street


Ken tells Wendy about his history with Martha and admits the production needs him to build bridges with her – but it’s clear he’s torn between the two women.

Later, Mary struggles during rehearsals and blames the script. Ken and Martha agree to tweak a few lines and discuss it over tea. When Ken receives a text message from Wendy, he pretends he has a previous engagement and quickly disappears.

12. Max continues to be manipulated by Griff

Paddy Bever as Max Turner on Coronation Street

Joseph Scanlonitv

Max discovers that Maria is taking down racist flyers and warns her that Griff will not like to hear that she is restricting his freedom of speech.

When Griff learns what Maria is up to, he hires Max to petition against the refugee center.

Later, when Maria, Munir, and Daryan are talking about the refugee center, they are approached by Griff, who informs them about Max’s online petition. Maria is appalled that so many signatures protest against the center.

13. Sarah and Michael team up

Michael Bailey, Sarah, Coronation Street


Sarah is impressed when Michael shows her his designs for a loungewear collection. She suggests they do business together and use his designs in conjunction with his marketing experience.

Later, Michael gets excited when Sarah reveals that she arranged a meeting with a graphic designer to look at his designs and create a proof to show to investors.

14. Steve and Tim are at odds

steve mcdonald, tim, coronation street


Steve returns from Spain in a wheelchair and confesses to Tim that he didn’t tell Tracy the truth behind his accident.

Meanwhile, Tim finds out that Sally donated his favorite jacket to the clothes swap. Seeing Steve wearing it, Tim can’t resist telling Tracy how Steve really broke his ankle.

Later, Tim is furious when Steve finds a scratch card in Tim’s jacket and realizes he’s won £250.

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