Corries Tyrone and Phill have an awkward honeymoon

Corries Tyrone and Phill have an awkward honeymoon

Coronation Street spoilers to follow.

Tyrone Dobbs and Phill Whittaker have been forced to go on an awkward honeymoon Coronation Street.

The two ended up going on the honeymoon that Phill planned for Fiz Stape during Friday’s (July 15) double bill for leaving him at the altar last week.

Phill has no idea Fiz left him to come back with Tyrone. While he’s insisted he’ll stand in the way of a divorce if Fiz and Tyrone reconcile, he’s also leaned on Tyrone’s support.


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At the Rovers on Friday’s episode, Phil admitted to Tyrone that he needed a friend to accompany him on the honeymoon since he was already paid.

Tyrone would have preferred to be somewhere in the world, but Phill eventually gave him enough guilt to agree to take part in the trip.

As the two set out on their journey, Kevin Webster stifled a giggle at Tyrone’s fate. The situation only got more awkward when the friends arrived at their bridal suite.

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Phill and Tyrone opened the suite door to find romantic newlywed rose petals scattered about the room and a bottle of champagne for two on ice!

In the middle of a facial, Tyrone snuck off to call Fiz and explained that things weren’t going well at all!

“He locked himself in the shower and hasn’t come out since,” he explained to Fiz.

Phill could be heard in the shower bubbling “All By Myself” in the background.

Following last week’s wedding disaster, Jamie Kenna hinted that Phill will be outraged once he finds out the truth about Tyrone and Fiz’s reunion.

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“I really think if he found out it had anything to do with Tyrone, the double betrayal would be devastating,” Kenna said. “It would be a double whammy because he’s hit the road and built a network, but it’s all about Fiz and Tyrone has become a good friend.

“He’s getting a better friend by the day, he helped kind of set this up, he helped Phill find the engagement ring, he put in a good word so if he found out he had something to do with the two of you it would be a double loss and a huge double betrayal.”

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