EXCLUSIVE: Home and Away star Patrick O'Connor is urging Brax to make a comeback

EXCLUSIVE: Home and Away star Patrick O’Connor is urging Brax to make a comeback

home and away Star Patrick O’Connor has revealed he would love to see another beloved member of the Braxton family return to Summer Bay.

The Braxtons were introduced to the long-running soap opera in 2011 and have been the focus of several dramatic storylines due to their starring roles in the troublesome River Boys gang.

Last year, Heath Braxton returned to help the Parata family under the tutelage of Patrick’s character, Dean Thompson.

More recently, Dean has called on other members of the River Boys to bail him out of new predicaments.

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Dean recently asked the Surfer Gang to help him deal with villainous poker player PK. Meanwhile, in this week’s episode, two members of the group teamed up with Dean to terrorize Nathan, who framed him for PK’s murder.

Still, we haven’t seen the Braxtons reappear themselves.

Only speak to Digital Spy on the possibility of the Braxtons helping Dean in the future, Patrick commented, “That would be cool! It would be cool to see Brax come back the fans he’s up there with Alf!

“So it would be cool but at the same time obviously these guys are doing other things and they’re busy too, so if that happens again in the future, it’s always exciting when they come back.”

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When asked if he was excited to explore Dean’s River Boy side again, Patrick replied, “Yes, definitely. With the arc that Dean had in Summer Bay, there was a lot of drama in the early years, which was really exciting, especially for an actor, because these dramatic storylines bring a lot of River Boy action and are always super fun to do to play.”

Patrick also praised Ryan Johnson, who briefly played the evil PK before the character was recently killed off.

Patrick O'Connor as Dean Thompson at home and abroad

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He said: “We actually went to the same drama school. He’s a bit older than me so he graduated before me but he’s obviously a very active actor in Australia and he’s the nicest, loveliest and funniest guy.

“It’s always these guys who play the scariest, baddest men, it’s just ridiculous how it turns out. He’s very funny, very quick with his sense of humor. I think it’s really fun to work with and it means you can always do it in those intense scenes, laugh.”

home and away airs weekdays at 1:15 p.m. on Channel 5 and at 6 p.m. on 5STAR. First look screenings will air at 6:30pm on 5STAR and the show will also stream on My5.

Select classic episodes are available via Amazon Prime Video In the United Kingdom.

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