Niall Horan's mother defends her son over Guinness gate

Niall Horan’s mother defends her son over Guinness gate

Niall Horan’s mum has defended her son after complaints he was spotted drinking alcohol on a recent episode of his new show with Lewis Capaldi.

The two pop stars visited Horan’s hometown for Virgin Media Niall Horan’s Homecoming: The Road to Mullingar with Lewis Capaldiwhich aired on Sunday night, but some viewers have said Niall set a bad example for his young fans when he was spotted sipping Guinness at a local bar.

Talking to Joe Duffy on RTÉ Radio 1 live line of Niall’s mother, Maura Gallagher, said: “He was holding a pint of Guinness but it was zero zero the whole time. I can only talk about the part when he came to Mullingar and he was in the pub. I went there and was given Zero Zero and I can’t drink it because I have celiac disease but my husband tried it and he said it was lovely.

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“Niall wasn’t drinking and he wasn’t drinking and driving and stuff like that,” she added.

“To be honest my friends all said it was a nice show and they never mentioned Guinness. The show gave everyone a glimpse of Ireland, the guitar factory up in Louth and all those places and I was lovely to see Niall showing Lewis all around.”

When asked if Niall actually drinks alcohol, Maura said: “He drinks. I think he has a penchant for a good pint of Guinness, yes.”

Speaking of the criticism of her son, she said: “Well people are entitled to their opinions but when I heard about it I couldn’t wait to see Niall and Lewis and when I saw the show the other night Guinness did not comes to mind at all.

Niall Horan (third left) and his mother Maura Gallagher (second right) attend the 2013 World Premiere of ‘One Direction This Is Us’ after party in London

“I just laughed at the two of them and their carry-on luggage. I didn’t notice the fact that they were sitting there with a couple of pints of Guinness. I don’t go deep into things.”

She also confirmed that her son, who turned 29 last month, is in a relationship.

“He brought her home to Mullingar. I met her. She is a pretty girl. She’s from England and she’s not in the business, so that’s good. She is not known at all. She has also met Nanny Margaret to mention her name!”

Niall is set to be a judge on the US version of The voice and asked how she’s dealing with his fame, Maura said: “It’s weird being his mom and watching him on TV really. To me, he’s just Niall.”

She also revealed details of his eating habits during his visits to Mullingar’s home.

“Compared to me, he eats very healthy,” said Maura. “He’s really into salads and chicken and maybe Bolognese, but I think Niall’s cabbage and bacon days are over.

Niall Horan and Lewis Capaldi

“He makes Bolognese from scratch. I make it out of a jar. He’s an amazing cook. He would make his own dressings for salads. One more little info!”

Niall donated part of his fee for his new show with Capaldi to charity and Maura said: “He has a big heart to the elders.

“My own mother, Margaret, is 92 and he thinks she’s the greatest! She flies! She’s great, very thoughtful and very involved and she was so happy for him on TV the other night. You wouldn’t miss it !

“She’s definitely the proud grandma. The famous grandma. I’m just the mother. My other son, Greg, is older and he’s so proud of Niall, so proud.”

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She also spoke about how Niall’s fans sometimes come to her house. “They used to come to the gate, but I live behind a driveway. His father has them sitting on his wall, coming from Germany and Australia and singing in the mailbox.

“Never. Never in a million years would I have thought that Niall would become so famous. I was very upset when it happened. I got so worried because suddenly you had to do interviews and meetings in England because he was underage .

“If you get thrown in there… I’d be very calm; I would not have great confidence in speaking in public or on the radio. One Direction was very kind and cared about her. They had fantastic security the whole time.

“You didn’t have to worry about the outside world. I was worried if he was sick I wouldn’t be able to get near him to give him a hug or a hot drink, but he’s in good spirits. Niall has his feet on the ground, but we’re very ordinary people I suppose.

“I could have gone with the fame but I couldn’t change. I do not know how.”

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